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We want NFL football. There are nothing but smoking guns everywhere; a landscape of smoking guns. Hence you do not know. Glenn Reynolds and Atrios get things wrong every single day. Hey I was just blog surfing amd I found your blog! Other sites are more specific, based on the dating personals type of members, interests, location, or matchmaker dating relationship desired. It's a very simple equation -- blood is the oil that lubricates the insatiable War Machine.

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How do you see it happening? What are some other methods? Guerrila-type, low-budget: Graffiti campaigns? Flash mobs? Sit-ins, civil disobedience, etc.?

Pamphleteering, postcarding? Bumper stickers?


Also, the illegality of some of them turns law-abiding people off. How about getting the Lone Gunmen pilot shown at independent theatres, drive-ins, etc.? How about a reward for information? Could be money, or perhaps some other kind of compensation. How about we hire a mock Gerald Posner and demand that he be given equal time on TV to attack coincidence theorists? We need to consult PR experts.

I heard there is going to be a weekly series called and it will revolve around the events of September1 11, I doubt that a weekly series about from the Corporate media will reveal any truth except to burn the official story into the minds of the TV audience. Don't expect corporate media to expose anything. Anonymous One,how bout we have a show called Get Smart?

Rigorous Intuition: Let me put it this way

We have two special agents battle a sinister group called Chaos. One agent will be number 99 and the other 86,in one show they will try to figure out how Chaos gets buildings to fall down in their own foot prints. The Chaos agent thinking he has 99 and 86 where he wants them,tells them the explosives were put in the bricks before the building was constructed. Oh,I am sorry that was already one of the plots of the real show back in the late 60's.

Will the day come when the US mainstream press has the balls to follow the UK mainstream press and post something like this? Jeff's book is called Anxious Gravity , not Falling Gravity. Jeff -- Maybe you can call your next book Falling Gravity in honor of this chap's lost boner. Jeff - where are you on the RealID act? I'd really love to hear your take on this amazingly fucked piece of legislature.

In Plane Site is a hoax www. Loose Change seems to be a mere recycling of In Plane Site same stuff in a different package. Alex Jones is a mix of real and not-real -- if sincere, he could use a fact checker.

Omissions and Distortions" is recommended.


Jeff wrote: Anyone who studied high-school physics knows the law of free-falling bodies, and how even air resistance causes deviations from what the law predicts.

So when a building "collapses" in near-free-fall-time, even though steel resistance is thousands of times greater than air resistance, we thinking humans know that the collapse has not been legitimately described to us by our government. Nevermind that no airplane hit the building, and no steel framed building has ever in the history of the world had ever collapsed from fire.

For him to so seemingly-intellectually make it seem sane to not be certain of the willfull intentional demolition of WTC 7 is the sort of thing the corrupt U. There are other examples. As if we did not have so much physical evidence in this case!!! Jeff, and some others, would rather focus on "coincidences".

That is unacceptable. But wait, it gets worse: It's all kind of secret, just like the corrupt government itself Jeff Wells seems to be an active particpant in this government-serving gratuitously-divisive info-suppressing mechanism.

Jeff, a writer never at a loss for words, has declined comment on this strange disappearance of the link he'd seen fit to add to all his blog's pages only days earlier. Curiously, this removed link presents Bush's self-incriminating quotes as being truthful, while the cadre- and Robinowitz-approved sites present Bush's self-incriminating quotes as lies. It is also very interesting that this corrupt-government-serving practice has seemingly never been noticed, explained, questioned, nor examined.


Barrie Zwicker, another great communicator, who acknowledges that such practices are to be expected, has been strangely silent. As Jeff quoted Charles Shaw: Are you trying to sabotage our movement? Or have you just completely lost your moxie?

If you are not part of the solution, you are merely another part of the problem. If that is in fact the case, do us all a favor and get the hell out of the way. Amen to that, Charles! Let me ask you, what is it that people remember about the Reichstag Fire?

The type of Molotov used? Was it really a Molotov, was it diesel or kerosene? Was the fuel throw or placed? The Reichstag Fire is known for the political actions taken in the name of the Reichstag Fire. It will be the same with , eventually. We all need to know the physical evidence and it is not to be ignored, it just has to be set in the proper place and remember, Occam's razor cuts both ways.

Yes, all researchers are just swimming endlessly upstream in all this What is needed in a public Redress of Grievances hearing by and for the world public as the First Amendment spells out for us. Why Alex Jones isn't sponsoring such a step reveals some remaining impurity in the patriotic cause. Sweejak wrote: Let me answer try to enlighten you: The German people could then have easily and immediately seen through that early Big Lie of Hitler's, and all the subsequent [political] horrors to which you referred never would have occurred!

Similarly, recognizing that no amount of "hijackers" aboard "s" could have caused the highly anomalous and seemingly inexplicable "flash frames" which the shadow government is deathly afraid of becoming more widely discovered permits even Stupid American Sheeple zombies to easily and immediately recognize the scope of The Big Lie now being fed to us by our own government. It's just that simple. So just pick which side you want to be on: Jeff responded: I don't understand how you can be critical of those who do not embrace your conclusions, when you call those with whom you disagree corrupt disinformation agents.

Well I'll try to help you understand, then, Jeff. It's pretty simple, really: Disinformation agents are easy to recognize, by their actions: So, Jeff, since you've finally responded: See, Jeff, people will start to recognize that my points and questions are well-illustrated and fact-checkable, while yours, like those of the truth squad, and the government proper, are secretive I think you owe your readers more than an apology; you owe your readers an explanation.

I answer only to my conscience, and since your site promoted theories I could not support, I dropped the link. Your postings here have only confirmed for me that I made the right decision. Without knowing the timeline, readers might actually tend to believe your answer. Knowing the timeline, however, makes your answer seem flimsy, at best: April 8, to Jeff: I'm so impressed by the greatness of your blog.

I don't know how or where you find the time Since that is something no sane investigator would ever do, especially given that the statements have never been questioned, I'm hopeful that you will add a link to the URL in my sig-line.

This page, rather than explain why the statements shouldn't be given too much thought "Nothing to hear here, Citizen. Move along. Thanks Dave. Next time I update the links, I'll add "Bush implicates Bush. April 25, to Jeff: Thanks, Jeff, for the update. Too bad it didn't "take": What theories which you find unsupportable do you believe or claim that www. And do these theories to which you refer bolster the government's case, or weaken it?

I'd like to think that you, Jeff, aren't just a cog in some big secretive smear campaign, that tells people which sites to avoid, without ever quite being able to tell anyone why Corrupt governments act secretively.

So do corrupt truth movements. You wrote: Only someone looking for an excuse after-the-fact would mention that. And that's really why the link was removed, without any explanation or even reply to my subsequent inquiry. I can imagine the static you got over having unwittingly undermined their work Further, the site is a relatively concise collection of Red Pills , and it doesn't take much time to see the whole site.

Given that fact, and the timeline, your 'explanation' seems rather feeble, and difficult to believe, Jeff. You seem more willing to lead your readers down blind, dead-end, time-consuming rabbit holes than you are to direct them to some truths the government wants to remain buried.

In fact, it's just like your blog heading says: Well, yes I'm sure of it. I know of it. Let me enlighten you regarding such narrow evidences as Molotovs. The fact is that we don't have enough of the evidence, it has been made secret, shipped to Asia or other wise obscured.

Hence you do not know. You do not have enough evidence to draw some of the conclusions and they will and shall remain inconclusive until this evidence is revealed. You are left with exactly what I was trying to say and just what the Kennedy investigator says: You can run in circles all you want and try the very difficult and elastic effort of trying to prove intent among those you think are disinfo agents. Likely also, in many instances, to be inconclusive.

The very fact that the evidence is hidden allows for conclusions and demands answers. Just as the Germans didn't need molotov analysis to see what the hell it was that was coming down the pike, or perhaps in that case the autobahn. Wouldn't the larger question be why didn't they see it or did they? The reason disinfo agents are successful is because they focus on just those elements that are able to be used. For instance, could I not just as easily say of you that it is you who are a disinfo agent by fiddling with the impossible to prove and smearing those who prefer to look at the larger global, psychological,and geopolitical aspects of what is a obvious conspiracy.

To keep the movement mired in the unprovable? You see how it works. Look, we're probably on the same side, but if your building your case only on things like the disproved seismic spikes you will get blown out of the water Has Bollyn retracted that bit yet?

Disinfo agent? On the other hand the PNAC documents will never suffer such a fate. I said it in my other post, "Occam's razor cuts both ways" and it is they, "them" who owe the answers and indeed it is they that have the evidence. You yourself alluded to deeper problems when you quoted Hitler: I'm not minimizing evidence just putting it in it's place, the place that fits my belief system and my standards.

It does not mean I am automatically your enemy. Physics tells us the "collapses" of the WTC twin towers and WTC 7 were not possible without it being a controlled demolition. Watch the video footage of it, you'll see them come down in ten seconds each, freefall rate.

Slow it down to frame-by-frame and one can even see the 'squibs' or puffs of dust out of the windows blowing out just before the dust cloud envelops them.

Bush's behaviour in the elementary school is irretrievably damning: Not only did he sit there and be read to for a while, he then milled around socializing THEN carried out his pre-scheduled press conference on the "No Child Left Behind" act, not leaving the school until almost an HOUR after Card told him the news. Bush KNEW he wasn't a target, and the only way he could have known that is if he was privy to the whole plan.

The allowing of three "hijacked airliners" read: The impossibility of the "Shanksville flight's" cell phone calls of "Let's Roll! The fact that the Pentagon fired exactly NO surface-to-air missiles in its own defence.

The impossibility of one of the "hijackers" [read: One would think an airliner of that size would have at least dragged an engine or something, but no, we are supposed to believe it hit the Pentagon just a couple metres above the ground. Or what about the initial small hole in the Pentagon?

Yes, in pictures it is visable as a small hole, much too small for a to have crashed into. Then, a half-hour later they blew out a much larger section of the wall to make it appear less obvious.

They also quickly called in sand and gravel lorries to cover over the immaculate gougeless lawn. One thing their wall blowing-out and lawn maintenance could NOT do for them was make an airliner's wings, tail section, luggage parts, people parts, etc.

No, we are supposed to believe that the entire airliner disappeared into a tiny hole in the Pentagon's E-ring and sucked its wings in alongside? Each one of these points proves it was an inside job and taken together, or separately, there can BE no other conclusion. The biggest problem in listing the proof of an inside job is "where to begin?

But this "problem" is much preferable to not having enough evidence ANY day. Ommissions and Distortions" brings out all these damning points and even more. It's a wonder Griffin's still alive. Hey I was just blog surfing amd I found your blog! Looks Great! You should check it out if you get a chance!! Thought you would like this.

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What I hadn't considered was how the medal tally affected the U. S' standing overall. At Sydney, Australia brought home the most medals , including by far the most gold medals Britain came in second overall with , and the US brought home the third-largest number of medals When the countries were ranked by the values of their medals, though, the US slid to fifth, behind Spain and Canada - not a position that the U.

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Other countries allow their Paralympians to march in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but the US does not. Viewed against this background, the decision not to broadcast coverage in the U. S should come as no surprise - the malaise goes far deeper than perhaps I had realised.

Every four years I check for paralympic coverage, on the faint hope things have changed and I'll be able to watch the track events - or any event for that matter. This year, I feel like a fool for checking. It disgusts me that the broadcasting companies do not fully show or have coverage of the Paralympics. When I look at Chris, I don't see a disabled person, I see an energized, determined, strong athelete who works so hard to achieve his goals and to succeed.

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