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Kahtami is a snake just like all the other rulers of Iran. Shariati made are translated to English, that will be a great deal. He would be getting his due share of hell fire what he earned himself by writting those derogatory remarks against our beloved Ahlul Bait [as] and distortion of Historical facts about Karbala and Imam-e-Hussain [as]. Mahfuzur Rahman, M. Rowshan Ara Rahman, M. I came across this site while searching for Iqbal Lahori.

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Reset Password Error. We've received your report and will correct the listing shortly. Lotfi dk katastrophe mp3 s Listing Error. Change Email Error. We have emailed you a change of email request. Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address. Change Password Error. Edit Profile Error. A true beleiver.. A true rebel Impressive, God bless you all. Keep up the good job.

I am student and I have a scholarship from one of the ministries in Iran. Before i came here I studied more than pages of Dr. But now i understand what he said and what he says he is alive and he is looking to the situation of muslim countries and west and he tells us "what is the way in this situation", I hope to implement the thoughts of Dr.

Baraye man doa konid. Bipanah Thank you.. You have done a wonderful job If I may suggest, please write under eah picture in English who every indivadual is I am 32 years old woman who 's been living in the USA since I was 6 yrs old Dr Shariati and Dr Mosadegh and Gandhi are my personal heros Murtad Abdel Rahman May allah give Mr shariati shararati some sense of sense.

That he dosent have. Please shut down this web site please. It is agtainst Islam. And my Generation has been paying a big Price of blood and Horror to being in this Society.

I think i feel much better to khow that , the Relatives of Mr Shariati , for example his Wife , or his son getting a critical and careful look of what this man done. He is die now , but the Fire he was puting has been burned my Generation , and we will never forgive him.

Yes the reality is hard and bitter , but it,s medicine , you have to get it , when you are sick. Reza from Iran , Great site, keep up the good work! To the Bada Boom guy below: USA Hi! He was the only one who understood Persian History. Please read his writings. I'm ready to translate some of his writings in special languages.

It gave me a brief over view of Dr. Shariati's life and I would now really like to read his books. I also have a suggestion. I think it would be appropriate if you included one of his famous quotes in each page, with reference to where it is from. I think it would be much appreciated! Thank you very much for all your efforts to keep his name alive. This web-site is really a rich source of Dr. Shariati's opinions. Go on like this!

Thanks alot of your work.

Lotfi dk 2013 katastrophe mp3 s

Shariati ra edame dahim I am amble to having this site around and I will pass it to more of my friends. I personally do not know much about him and I know there are alot of ppl who strive to get their hands on his books, so please provide more infos books, articles, May his soul RIP. Baa dorood Az: Ali thanx for all ur effort May Allah guide you to the right path. My friend from Iran has been telling me about Dr. Shariati and to find translated writing is wonderful.

He is indeed thrilled as well to read in his language. Thank You so much for this site. I will have the opportunity to study. Thank You again. It was so nice to find his work on this site. Please keep it up and add more material about Shariati and his philosophy. Mr Last Name: Amir First Name: Muhammad Institution: Shahana road,Passco City: Punjab Postal Code: Pakistan Phone: Khoda raahe een moalleme bozorg va aashege bozorg va shahide bozorg raa por rahrov gardanad.

Khoda een kaveere taareeke aalam ra be noore roshane een modaresse azeeme bashariat beheshti gardanad va hameye maa ra va tamame mazloomane aalam raa baa raahe Mola Ali va baa Ali aashenaa konad va be eshge uu delgarm. Ke Baa shenaakhte Ali deegar zolm va zaalem har do bee ma nast. I have no comments about this site. I was asked by an Indonesian Islamic Publishing to edit that book. Best regard, a. S'il y a des amis du Dr Shariati en Belgique,je serais heureux de correspondre avec eux.


Nicolas S. A friend. YA ALI Ali Shariati". This great shame will remain for Pahlavi Regime that during 70 years of corruption and constructive conspiracy against Iranian's Interests, have killed many great Iranian, eith by direct Orders of Executions like Khosro Golesorkhi, or by conspiracy, like Dr.

I hope one day we commence the professional study of Dr. Shariati that be able to help us to not committe mistakes that we have down numerously during History.

Please keep add more information in your site. I have created and presented this small web site to Dr. Pay bar faarghe falak sar be kafe paye habib. We are vrty thanksfull with this god job, to remaind dr. But how can we mkae alive his atitiude again!!! I am forever indebted to dr. A price can not be placed on such a gift which he bestowed upon me.

I encourage all the youth to read his works and we are quite priveleged to have many of his speeches translated in english. I also urge that his works be supplemented with other islamic knowledge. I think it is too early to judge this man's influence on the future generation of muslims. His works I think will continue to be propogated and politicize and religicize people. God bless him once again. Shariati was even the most competent fighter against materialism in this era. His works will be remember till centuries.

We need another shariati. Shariati,s family. I like all of you. Parsa Iran - emrooz shahd hastim yeki az bazgo konanddegan nazrieh protestanism eslami shariati be edam mojazat mishavad.

Well , you're quite right! Depending on what you consider as being valuable a contribution in a scientific context , and regardless of the various forms of it - which renders your summary judgement rather unscholarly - there's no gainsaying the fact that he hasn't produced anything quite resembling what you have in mind as a so-called logician.

Simply because he never sought to. He was a sociologist by principle , and no doubt , a shrewd one at that. Not to mention his phenomenal literary eloquence.

Writing him off the way you so illogically have , is like belittling outright the works of most existential thinker-writer-philosophers , by asserting they haven't solved any problem Like collating the works of Camus or Sartre to that of Plato , Kant or Spinoza. Or for your liking Descartes. Well , for one thing , they weren't Supposed to give any answers!

Raise questions , and primarily help us to understand them , without attempting to riddle them out first hand. The process of finding solutions Only comes afterwards. But then Shariati wasn't even any close to them , nor the arena of philosophy , although he had certainly fed from it in ample measure. Not as a saviour , but a precursor to what's to follow. However, that doesn't prevent me from being critical about what he may have produced.

But in all fairness , that doesn't allow me to disregard his selfless efforts in raising the intellectual horizons of contemporary Iranian students , offering them a new interpretation of their age-old religious beliefs , to cope with the wave-shocks of modernity vs.

He nevertheless ,didn't even raise many questions , as a thinker-philosopher like Soroush may proficiently have , but suffice it to say that he raised a general sense of consciousness , and thirst , and provoked a notion of responsibility , for understanding social alienation.

That is something one may readily disagree with , but can certainly not doubt , nor ignore. But , I rather ascribe them to immature understandings of the very core of his message. I trust even if he were physically amongst us today , he would definitely be addressing diametricaly different issues,more relevant to our times. Perhaps even more critical than us , about his own remarks in the past. But it's always easier to judge people posthumously , isn't it.

In spite of all the above , I personally appreciate your attempts to promote logics amongst our youth , whom you so rightly regard as highly capable of pure analytical reasoning , and wish you the best.

Shariati is too hard. By I'm talking from young people. People they didn't see Shariati,didn't hear his lectures live but they accept him like a person they need him to make communicstins with something like religion and anothere world. I like his ideas and like his perdonalities.

All visitors know that now we need Shariati more than before. Mohsen Azizi Tehran, Iran - baraye doktor shariatie azizam ke kheili chizha be oo madyoonam: Paus Dalam no. Shariait for my study. The only problem was the gallery. It would come handy when all the pictures had an english comment with them R. I do thank every one who designed the web site and assist people who really want to know about his life and all other activities that he had in his short and wonderful life.

He would be getting his due share of hell fire what he earned himself by writting those derogatory remarks against our beloved Ahlul Bait [as] and distortion of Historical facts about Karbala and Imam-e-Hussain [as]. I request you to stop promoting him and delete this web site which is in the name of the wahabi leader who followed the footsteps of Lanatullah Abdul Wahab paid up servant of Saudi Regime.

I know you will not allow these comments to be published here as all you wahabis are like that. Anyways i will curse your so called leader Ali shariati till i die because of his words of ignorance against our 14 Masoomeen [as]. He was too much lucid. I mean the original one without any sonsour. Khaste nabashin. Kar-e bozorgi anjam dadin. You help keeping the memory of a truly great man alive. Integrity, compassion, and humbleness among others were Ali Shariati's virtues and this made him a religious man worthy of being called just that.

Zendeh baad Shariati! Omidvaaram dar takmil kardan e in site movaffagh va pirooz baashid. Teach me how to live, I will learn how to die myself. Naabood baad mosalas-e shom-e taarikh: Estesmaar pooldaaran-dozd , estehmaar Aakhondhaa va estemaar doltahaay-e zoorgoo - Piaam hamishegi Dr. Shariati is with us as long the people like you are doing those wonderful job. Thank you and wish you victory on your way. Thank you for the job well done.

Especially the collection of the Dr. Ali Shariati's speeches. I'll be visiting this site more often. Thanks again. Tayebnejad wcom. Akhondhaay-e zaalooseffat va dooshizehbaaz, dozd-e betolmaal va Aghazadeh haay-e zoorgoo va lompan haayi chon Chamraan raa baa neshaangar eslaam raastin Dr. Shariati makhloot nakonid. Chamran va Dr. C Canada - tashakkor az tamame kasani ke in site ro bargharar kardand. Be ommide un ruzi ke Dr. Shariati olguye tamame javanane Irani dar sar ta sare jahan bashe, balke betavanim ba komake khate fekriye ishan Irane Azad ra dobare besazim.

Ali Shariati! Shariati for teaching me the true meaning of faith. His books inspired me to learn the real meaning of religion. As a young man growing up, his words guided me through the dark and murky period of our nation. He was a true leader of his time. He taught me to be assertive and responsible. His work encouraged me to help others to see right from wrong.


He thought me to be strong and firm in my beliefs. I like to recommend his books and his work to everyone, specially the younger generation, who has not been introduced to this great thinker of our time. Once again, I just want to thank him and his supporters. Hassan Tehran, Tehran Iran - Moteasefaneh bayad beguyam ke ishan yeki az khianatkar tarin afrad be jameyeh roshanfekrane IRAN budand,va baes shodand ta ba motemaden jelveh dadaneh mazhab gheshreh daneshgahi va roshanfekreh mamlekat be peiravi va hemayat az mazhabian va rohanioun dar ayand va bedin tartib fajeyeh enghelab eslami be hemayateh in gheshreh mohem az keshvar be vagheiat peivast He deserves the best.

His speaches were great. GOd bless him.

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Shariati and his speeches is that he sounds as if he were giving them right here, right now. His ideas are as much timeless as they are timely in this day and age. I think many Iranians owe their adherence to Islam to his illumination of true Islam and shi'ism. May God bless his soul. Thank you very much for this fantastic site and keep up the good work.

Ali, Toronto, Canada ali toronto, on canada - fekr meikonam shariati tanha kesi bashe ka shaiesteh esmesh ast He gave us so much. I am thankful for giving me this opportunity to drop afew lines about this fantastic website.. I dont know very much abt Shariati but all i can say is; "He is a respectable man n i passionately luv his books" I've read Shariati's few books they r wonderful n very informative..

Shariati khaterati ke be yad daram az zamane kodakiyam bood ke khahar va baradaranam, aasar va ketabhaye ishan ra dar khaneh va madreseh, dar kocheh va khiyaban, baraye khoftegan mikhandand ta balke nafiri bar khashm va zolmat va bidade shab bashad. Emrooz pas az 23 sal va pas az inke ba ghodrate darke asare in ZENDEh-YAD, in site va asarash ra az nazar gozarandam, be vozoh midanam ke asarash baraye mani ke chon kodaki, dar zamane ishan booodam va dar hale hazer az nasle pas az enghelab mibasham,chenan aziim va por mohtavast ke ta aabad dar gooshha va zehn ha pa barja khaahad mand.

Farid Farid U. A - i just can say thanks for everythings. As the characteristic features of traditional epistemic considerations have a direct bearing on the modern development of Islamic legal thought, the contemporary positions are initially set against the established normative repertory of Islamic tradition. It is within this broad study of a living legacy of interpretation that the context for the concretisations of traditional as well as modern Islamic learning are enclosed.

In an attempt to begin to define a supposed Islamic modernity, this study suggests that Islamic postmodernism has paradigmatic relevance and reflects a thoroughly transitional phenomenon within Shi'i speculation on divine law. Islamic Law; Epistemology Order: ALI bodan. Semoga amal perjuangan beliau diberkahi oleh Allah SWT.

Terus berjuang dengan spirit yang ditinggalkan oleh beliau. Kebenaran pasti akan hadir di muka bumi ini. Shariati is one thing and being a real follower is another. So,Dear friend come and be the real followers of Dr Shariati. I believe at this time of confusion and bewilderment we, the iranian migrants, need such a serene viosion of life and existence to be able to keep moving on the right and just path. Ali Shariati hastid. It's really great that you took the time to put up the Dr's speeches and publications for everybody to use.

Great work. Shariati atas pengorbanan beliau selama hidup dan Islam akan maju -Insya Allah-. But I couldn't find that on you're page, so I am very disappointed. I think that you're site is good, but doesn't have the info that I need 4 my project.

Shariaty had an important role to alert Iranian youth specially in past 30 years. He described Islam as a real feature which can be used to conduct and improve humanity and introduce best human samples like prophet and Imam Ali. I think he started a revolution in introducing Islam specially to youth. Thanks for your labours to produce this web page.

The flow of enlightenment is running on.. If our present doesn't witness for our past then keep it in your sacred mind that our past was greatest falasy. Ali Shariati was not but still he is with us.. We are not orphans of nature but very loving creations of God Becoz after God if there is then that is Human Shariati is actually our continuesity of God's mercy He was not born, and never died but he had visited in this planet earth between an specific period.

I have only heard the name "Ali Shariati" and had no idea who he was. I recommend you all to read this book as I will be reading more about Ali Shariati and his other books. You are the reason for a new perspective in my life. Ali Shariati is the one who made me know about what islam it is. His message was so strong that after almost two decays, I can still hear him and feel him. I have not come across anyone like him so for. I never get a chance to meet him; I wish I had seen him, even if it was just for one minute.

I would like to say Salam to all of you and I will pray that God bring us more close to each other. I would also love to hear from each of you. I am a Mr shariati admirer. I hope this site will be better and better. It's from me for now.. I miss this great person rising in new islam world. Shareatee,s thoght intrested peoples or scholers, becuse his idais are so importent in Globalization age. Shariati in one location, Amazing work. S - salam be hameye kavirian.


It is very informative for us, specially for our children. I must say that the most university students love dr. I also have read the most books of the late shariati.

I love him. I hope you enjoy this peom. It was given to me by my cousin, so please pass it on to as many people as possible after you have read it. I have only a few words to say, I wish all our brothers would seek out the bad terrorists who give us hell and give them what they have done to the innocent people of the world.

We muslims are are at fault, we should kill those drug lords and their dealers, cut the throats of those criminals in our midst who hide under the Islam banner and destroy our peacefull life.

Allahu ekber. I have actually learned sooooooo much about islam. I am a young muslim girl and when I came here I learned so much. My favorite was "Fatimeh is Fatimeh," the story was just so beautiful and I agree Fatimeh is Fatimeh, she's just wonderful. Someone - Dear Dr. Shariati I wish I were alive when you were. I was born in However, in your speeches, I believe that you have hit the nail right on the head.

You are spot on when you say that the clerical people are not the only ones who should learn and teach Islam. You are spot on, when you say that the mission of a shieh, is not to question small facts, but to search for truth and justice.

This was true in your time, and is even truer now. Sadly though, Iran has now got rulers who sell the true value of religion, and use it to cover up their dictatorship.

They kill those who dare to question their ways, just like Islam was killed by those who used it in the times of Hazrat Ali, and Hazrat Muhammad. They torture those who fight for justice and for the oppressed. I wish you were alive, for I know that you would know what to say to stop the barbaric rulers of Iran.

If you could only see what they do in the name of religion, I would not be surprised if you yourself wanted to kill them Islam is apeaceful religion and you have shown us the truth of Islam. E - az kodam asarash begooyim? Az Kavirash ke jaaneman ra abb yary mikonad ya az Hajjash ke ziyaraty hast be daroone khodeman.

Ghebte mikhoram, ghebte mikhoram ke chera dar zamanash naboodam ke paye bahsash benshinam va yek ENSAN ra az nazdik bebinam. Valy na chera ghebte? Ali var zedy kard, shenide nashod dar zamane khodesh on tor ke mibayesty mishod va hamcho Ali A ke dar chaah migerist hame chiz ra dyd va dar daroonash hefz kard. Hamishe be yadash I've read a lot of Dr.

Shariati writing,his thinking, vision and keeps some of his books in my safekeeping. May Allah s. Shariati for all his efforts and bestowed martydrm to him for his struggle towards Iran Islamic Revolution. I'm admire his view on the sociology, history, antropology,ethnology,psikolology, political,Islam etc aspects, the way he looks on the people, religion and society.

I also heard he is the one who translated Dr. Frantz Fanon's book, the African most greatest revolutionary "The Wretched Of The Earth" to Persian language which has become one of the references for Iranian revolutionery ideology.

The most Dr. Shariati writing that admire me is "The Role of The Muslim Scholar" which has been translated to Malay language sometime in 80's. Other books that I've read is "Religion vs. I like it. A brilliant work on a brilliant man. Wish you all the best and all the success. Standing in the Quee in bakery! He lifted me from the heat of tehran into a journey near God.

No one has ever done that to me. Solmaz A. P Shiraz, Iran - Sakarya-Ada I have been looking for two decays and I have not given up yet; if anyone knows such a person, please let me know. I am 42 fit, and good looking. As long as someone has understood the real message of this man Dr. What I understand from Dr. I found your site excellent but i think you'd better add original persian books of the martyred teacher along with the English version.

Shariati more than some other Islam leaders, who have shown Islam to the world as a religion against democracy and full of violence! I am personally looking for his literature and do not know where to obtain them! Vaghean tashakkor mikonam barayeh in sfaheyeh aali! Oomidvaram ke Mosalmonaneh digar ham ba dars-hayeh Dr.

Ali Shariati ashna hsavand va Eslam-e vaghe-ii ra peyda konand. Ali Shariati adversted it. There is many types of Islam, but Shariati's was best and unfortunately it's lost. It is a real shame that Khatami uses Dr. Shariati to promote democracy. Kahtami is a snake just like all the other rulers of Iran.

Shariati and Pedar Taleqani warned Iranian about people who try to use Islam as a way of manipulating the country. It is a shame that the people of Iran seem to have fallen for the tricks of Khatami. And they all love him and think he is the answer for Iran.


Massoud Rajavi was a student of Dr. Shariati and also a student of Pedar Taleqani. It is interesting that nobody in Iran talks about Pedar Taleqani. That is because he knows the real Islam. The regime of Iran wants to keep power on people so it keeps on barking anti-American slogans and empty rhetoric. This is how it has kept the people down over the past 22 years. Soon though, the Mojahedin will bring Iran into freedom and true Islam shall shine once again.

I know for sure that Khatami cant do this. Or rather, does not want to do this. Karl Marx and Dr. Rashad Khalifa. There are those who want to become immortal, and thus build great buldings, mosques, and statues of themselfs. And there are those who do not desire immortality but want to show the truth, and thus become immortal! Dr roohat shad , kochektar az aanam ke bishtar begooyam. Persians are known to be fighters and we have the motto: There is no one race that can be compared to ours.

Persians are passionate, courageous, intelligent, generous and sophisticated people and no matter which four corners of the world we stand we all unite as one and fight for the freedom teh our people back home deserve, we shall soon regain our identity as the most powerful and mighty nation of all. God bless you all. Keep up the good work Doctor! And to all those who care about islam and are looking for more information regarding Islam, I strongly recommend to visit the site Al-islam.


This site has a vast amount of information on islam and it is pr obably one of the best islamic sites on the internet. At the end, my best regards to all those whom have greatly suffered in their lives in order to teach the true islam to us. Also my best wishes to all those palestinian whom at the present are resisting agains zionist facist in the occupied land of palestine. Death to Israil and death to American Imperialism. Iran bidar sho. Va bi to sokoot be gedaeeye nale-yee bar mikhizad!

Va man namat ra har sobh -o har sham tekrar mikonam! Ke dar roozegar marge khodayan tanha chashmane tost ke behesht ra barayam zemzeme mikonam. Ali Shariati, but try to use make your site suitable for all by microsoft standard code page so any one can read Farsi texts through Internet Explorer 5 or later. Although everything could be better except The Lord.

Thanks a lot for the great step you've taken. I wish a day in which all of the young Iranian peoples know him and his words! It should also be mentioned that shariati had his own style of writing, and way of saying things in his language.

Once translated, it is obvio us that the language loses its chastity, and so many of its original intends. I think, you should find a way of adverstising this website to the world, so the people would be more informed about its existence, or "shariati's".

I will be thankful for if somebody answer me. He was a key person who played a role as key personality in Iranian Revalution. May Allah swt give rewards to his excellent efforts. Ali Shariati isn't only for Iran. He belongs to all moslems and persian speakers and free people of the world. It is a honour for Tajik people to speak persian. We love Great Iran. Shariati is always with us.

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