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This round depends on the user. For the second time in 3 years I was tempted to leave 1passoword for Dashlane. It makes mistakes every day, putting my email address or my real name for the user ID when I log on. Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Onedrive. Please accept these cookies, or change your settings here: Learn more about our security: The normal password manager features are present, as well.

Télécharger Dashlane Apps for PC Windows 7/8/10/XP. Dashlane Free: Manage up to 50 passwords and autofill all your personal information on your. Télécharger Dashlane Gérez toutes vos données d'identité à partir d'un seul programme. Dashlane est un outil de gestion personnelle avec lequel vous pouvez Licence: Gratuit Advanced Archive Password Recovery icon. Télécharger Dashlane Password Manager armeabi-v7a. Génères et gères tes mots de passe les Licence: Gratuit. Catégorie: Sécurité / Performance.

Dashlane has a great interface. Once you download the application, Dashlane will set up the desktop client and browser extension. During install, you can import your passwords from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Dashlane is downloading

Other password managers support browser import, but none do it during the install. It makes setting up Dashlane a breeze. Once your passwords are imported, you can organize them into categories.

Thankfully, you can organize your vault into tiles or lines to see your passwords. Otherwise, entries are organized alphabetically and you can collapse them, too. The list of supported websites is large and growing. You can automatically change passwords on websites such as Adobe, Reddit, Netflix and Box read our Box review. There are apps for iOS and Android and both support auto-fill.

You may need to configure the app to work with your phone, as Dashlane has troubleshooting steps for auto-fill on Android in particular.

Whenever a login field appears, Dashlane will display a small, semi-transparent logo to the side. You can click on it to see your accounts for that URL and auto-fill.

You can export your passwords locally and restore by purchasing a new account, but we want to see a dedicated way to handle account recovery.

As with features, 1Password fills in the gaps left by Dashlane and vice versa. That starts during the installation. The Chrome import, in particular, is advanced. It will generate an emergency kit, which is a.

A QR code is also in the emergency kit. You can scan it with your phone or desktop to automatically sign you in. We like the emergency kit as a form of account recovery and a way to log in. It carries security concerns, though. The desktop client is excellent. It supports many items, including basic data such as passwords and credit cards. Among the more exotic choices are outdoor licenses, insurance policies and more.

Entries support a custom picture, name and unlimited custom fields.

Free Dashlane Free Password Manager APK Download For PC Windows 7,8,10,XP

You can gut an entry completely and fill it with new data. Each custom field can be assigned a label and use, which makes entries highly customizable, as you can store as much or as little information as you want. Categories are automatically generated in the interface based on the areas you have populated with data. Auto-fill is handled differently. That is for security reasons. Other rounds have been close, but not as close as this one. Dashlane and 1Password have excellent user interfaces that come packed with features.

If we were judging on using the password manager alone, it would win. In those two areas, Dashlane shines. This round depends on the user. If this is your first password manager, though, the task of setting up entries and changing your online accounts to reflect them is daunting, so we recommend Dashlane. Security is the most important part of password managers. There are features that set them apart, though.

Your passwords are secured using AES bit, which is a form of encryption that makes it almost impossible to crack. If you only used words for your password, it could be decrypted in seconds using a dictionary attack, though. Dashlane takes two steps to protect against that kind of attack.

The first is hashing, which replaces the values of your AES key with new values to disguise the encrypted key. Using Argon2, the same 4-million-term dictionary would take 46 days to find your password. An alphanumeric password with at least eight characters using Argon2 would take just shy of 7 million years to crack. Dashlane has all those security measures in case of a data breach.

TLS article to learn the difference between the two. The biggest concern with transmission of sensitive data is a man-in-the-middle attack, which Dashlane protects against by using a secure connection.

The upside of automatic password changing is high. Dashlane also supports multiple 2FA options, including YubiKey, and has no breaches on record.

As with Dashlane, you get a master password to secure your account. You also get a secret key, which is included in your emergency kit.


The two are like keys to a safety deposit box. Your secret key is generated locally after downloading your emergency kit and only needs to be used on unauthorized machines. While not exactly the same thing, it may be helpful to think about your secret key in that way to understand the security model. For your data, 1Password uses AES bit, which, as we explained earlier, can be cracked with weak passwords and no hashing.

The minimum master password requirements are strange, though. We think a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, would be better. Ten characters will increase your protection, too, but eight should be enough for most users.

That database houses over 5 billion accounts that have been breached. Dashlane and 1Password have similar security structures.

There are two things that set these password managers apart. Password managers are simple tools, at least, for the end user. You get email support around the clock and English-language live chat between 9 a. EST, Monday through Friday. When testing Dashlane for our review, we reached out to support and received a reply in under four hours on a free account.

Most of your questions can be answered in the help center, though.


Dashlane has a topic for just about anything from importing your passwords to setting up auto-fill on mobile applications. A knowledgebase, email and phone support is commonplace. That said, each of those areas have a great amount of depth and more than satisfy what we require for a support section.

Stop forgetting passwords now

You can contact it through email alone and, when we reached out, 1Password never got back to us. We were using a free trial, as we were with Dashlane, and paying users have priority support. The other support options are nice. It had just put up a guide to moving data to your account on Windows three weeks before this writing. Community members and support agents are scouring the forums around the clock and we like the dedication to the community shown there.

The knowledgebase, YouTube channel and forums are excellent. Complex logins with two step authentication or three field entries such as bank accounts are managed with no problems with Dashlane. This version contains mostly a fix to an issue that caused app updates to take too long to complete. It also contains an improvement of the "Go to Website" feature that will now perform a more accurate usage of the preferred browser.

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