Upgrade the free version to a full version! EGroupware Enterprise Line – EPL version includes all features as well as support services. Read more about EPL. Simple Groupware is a complete open source enterprise application offering email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, document management with WebDAV, synchronization with cell phones and Outlook over SyncML, full-text search and many more. WP Project Manager is one of the most. Group Office is an open source groupware application. Group Office is fast, secure and has privacy by design. Buildertrend is a Project Management software, which is designed to work remote.

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As you might guess from the name, this app lets you secure your folders. It's available in a free community edition or a paid enterprise edition. Customization and consulting are available from the Digistore team, and the site also includes links to third-party vendors who offer hosted solutions. It looks like there is a free sync adapter in F-Droid now. Furthermore we offer professional support to back you up in case you have some problems. Key features include easy browser-based setup, support for most mail servers, automatic whitelisting, virus scanning through ClamAV, Bayesian filters, community-based gray-listing and more.

Operating System: Windows, Linux. Free:ac. Formerly known as "BonkEnc," .. Calling itself "the leading Online Collaboration Tool," EGroupware lets users download multimedia files from a wide variety of torrent sites. Learn how to do it using open source with these free alternatives to ever tried using desktop email client in any modern Linux distribution. . There is eGroupware, but I cannot abide by an ugly UI (and the users gripe). Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.

This is so instant messages can be added without duplicate page names. In addition, this allows for simultaneous page creations without instability problems. This wipes the page clean, so that an entire window space can be used for the message editor. It also manipulates the message editor to make it clean and minimal for use in the chat room.

This page contains the CSS data for the chat-message class, which specifies the layout of messages within the conversation. The chat: It contains the code necessary for automatic conversation updating; which makes it possible for the conversation to automatically update only when you or somebody else posts a new message.


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Zimbra is what we used at my old job, and it worked exactly as you would expect; email, calendaring, integration throughout. Highly recommended and open source, although Zimbra has an 'open core' model as well. I was interested in including something about options for the terminal, but I wasn't familiar enough with them and I didn't want to send people towards something I don't know much about.

Can Emacs org-mode sync with remote calendars, or perhaps, sync with another local calendar that you could then use a headless CalDAV tool to sync with in cron?

I keep meaning to give it a go. So I use Google as my primary, and share with the desktop apps and even Outlook. The downside is having to configure my multiple calendars and set them up for read-write which doesn't always work. I'm just too nervous about putting that much of my life into the "wilds".

Owncloud is super easy if you are used to install things from the command-line. I think the only major issue you have to contend with is to check out any issues after major upgrades cause sometimes you might find some problems. But that happens with any open source. One that doesn't willinglingly share your data to whomever or sell it to advertisers.

I use NextCloud on the server and the calendar is treated as first class never was under ownCloud. Fantastic combo! Back in the day, I used ownCloud as a self-hosted calendar provider.

Open source alternatives to Google Calendar

Later, I used radicale: It looks like there is a free sync adapter in F-Droid now. I was never able to get a solution with "push" synchronization, although I tried, and there were various options available, like z-push.

They all either required a hefty amount of setup, or a setup process I simply wasn't able to sort out myself. That means the clients had to poll the calendar at regular intervals e. The situation may have changed.

Alles, was Sie über AI, ML und Ubuntu wissen müssen

What i have used for many years is something of a retro calendar, Remind. On Fedora, get remind and remind-gui to get the visual interactive way to enter things I need to remember. I don't want anything that puts things in my calendar for me, and I don't want spontaneous notifications when I least expect and want them. I always used it from the command line. Type in tkremind in a terminal and a calendar pops up ready to enter items.

Installation on your own server - Free version | EGroupware

You can enter one-time or recurrent events. For things like a dentist appointment, I would create it once, then just edit date and time for the next appointment. I made an alias for it to make it easy, and can then send to a file which I can print. When I need what's in remind I have it. When I don't it's not bothering me. I'm a big fan of ownCloud for my personal stuff. For more of a Corporate functionality, Tine2.


There's an Appliance if you need such a thing though seeing that, I got it running on a Raspberry Pi in about ten minutes. Mostly it just runs and doesn't bother me, which translates to: I have used this at client sites on Owncloud since the first week the project was posted. Open source alternatives to Google Calendar 4 open source alternatives for Google Calendar. The point is not having your organization separate from the ERP nor social media, but includes also the Gits, SourceForge, BitBucket, and Docker because developers must be connected.

Your organization may not be in the development loop, but rather the PM or executive loop. So, the API must be in-form connected to these platforms. For example,10 Twitter accounts seem to max social CRMs. If you manage client organizations or reputations that have more, then there's a problem.

The problem here is the lack of social media integration in comparison to Nimble or Campaigner.

Group Office groupware and CRM

Social media, as to social selling is more promotional, influential and relationship marketing than anything else! It's actually easier to earn an income or revenue via social media than previous marketing methods. This is said and heard a lot! There's an entirely different process to social media marketing and most organizations and individuals fail because it requires "using publicity" -- the right way.

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