Menace II Society () download Download Download Subtitles Shadowlands () download Cosmopolis () download Dinosaur 13 ( ). Directed by Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes. With Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate, June Kyoto Lu, Toshi Toda. A young street hustler attempts to escape the rigors and. Menace II Society Yify - YTS AG, YTS AM yify yts movie Menace II Society () torrent download.

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The voice-over works really well, making Menace a sort of black "Goodfellas". Sith 6 years TV 17 Clifton Collins Jr. A crime lord ascends to power and becomes megalomaniacal while a maverick police detective vows to stop him. This urban nightmare chronicles several days in the life of Caine Lawson, following his high-school graduation, as he attempts to escape his violent existence in the projects of Watts, CA. Much like the Wild West this film shows how cheap life can be or still is within certain areas of the US, but many countries have similar issues. Goofs After Caine cooks the crack and is driving to the barbecue, you can see a camera reflect off the hood of his Mustang.

Download Menace II Society yify movies torrent with Menace II Society yify subtitles synopsis info This urban nightmare chronicles several days in the life of . Menace II Society is a coming of age tale detailing the summer after its protagonist Caine (Tyrin Turner) graduates from high school. Toggle navigation. Torrent Download Sites For Movies. Mp4 Movies Trailers Download Menace Ii Society Bluray By Allen Hughes.

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Movie Info This debut offering from twin brothers Albert and Allen Hughes was one of the most critically-acclaimed urban crime films to appear in the wake of John Singleton's influential Boyz N the Hood. Set in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, the film is narrated by year-old Caine Tyrin Turner , a drug dealer and car thief who lives with his religious grandparents. After graduating from high school, Caine shows no ambition beyond hanging out with his friends, so his grandparents kick him out.

Among his other troubles are his best friend O-Dog Larenz Tate , a vicious thug hunted by the police, and the friends and family of the girl Caine got pregnant and then turned his back on. Perhaps the lone positive influence in his sphere is Ronnie Jada Pinkett , a single parent struggling to raise her young son without the boy falling prey to the 'hood mentality. When their friendship becomes a love affair, Ronnie tries desperately to convince Caine to move with her to Atlanta; soon afterward, he is shot and nearly dies.

After recovering, he accepts Ronnie's offer, but tragedy strikes as they pack their van in preparation to leave. Allen Hughes , Albert Hughes. Jul 3, Tyrin Turner as Caine. Larenz Tate as O-Dog. Samuel L. Jackson as Tat Lawson. Larenze Tate. Glenn Plummer as Pernell. Julian Roy Doster as Anthony. Jada Pinkett Smith as Ronnie. Marilyn Coleman as Grandmama. Arnold Johnson as Grandpapa. Khandi Alexander as Karen Lawson. Vonte Sweet as Sharif. Bill Duke as Detective.

Charles S. Dutton as Mr. Toshi Toda as Grocery Store Man. Johnson as Tony. Brandon Hammond as Five year old Caine. Reginald Ballard as Clyde. Eugene Lee as Man 1. James Pickins Jr. Nancy Cheryl Davis as Teacher. Saafir as Harold Lawson.

Pooh-Man as Doc. MC Eight as A-Wax. Ryan Williams as Stacy. Cynthia Calhoun as Jackee. Garen Holman as Junior. Clifton Collins Jr. Joy Matthews as Nurse 1. Clifton Powell as Chauncy. Todd Anthony Shaw as Lew-Loc. Christopher M. Brown as Lloyd. James Pickens Jr. Chad Dowdell as White Guy in Street uncredited. Stacy Arnell as Deena. Dwayne L. Barnes as Basehead. Ian Davids as Insurance Man. Alvin Mears as K-9 Police Officer.

Robert Gonzales as Car Dealer. Martin T. Davis as Car-Jack Victim. Erin Leshawn Wiley as Ilena. Charles J. Grube as Officer Fassel.

Mike Kelly as Officer Gadd. Rolando Molina as Vato 1. Tony Valentino as Vato 3. Daniel Villarreal as Vato 4. Yo-Yo as Girl at Party. Samuel Monroe Jr. Rank Samuel L. Total Recall: Mar 17, Full Review….

Mar 17, Rating: A Full Review….


Feb 9, Full Review…. May 20, Rating: May 2, Rating: Jul 25, Rating: May 29, Full Review…. Dec 7, Full Review….


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Menace II Society (1993)

Coxxie Mild Sauce Super Reviewer. Now O-Dog was the craziest nigga alive. America's nightmare. Young, black, and didn't give a fuck Caine Lawson: Dog, you strapped?

You know it! Give me your gun. Forgot your password? Thanks for signing up to YTS. Javascript not supported on your browser, please enable Javascript in order to fully utilize the website. Available in: This urban nightmare chronicles several days in the life of Caine Lawson, following his high-school graduation, as he attempts to escape his violent existence in the projects of Watts, CA. Parental Guide. Uploaded By: The Hughes Brother's movie charts the hapless life of Caine Tyrin Turner as he seeks to escape the ghetto.

Mp4 Movies Trailers Download Menace Ii Society Bluray 1993 By Allen Hughes

The son of both a drug dealer Samuel L. Jackson in a potent appearance and an addict, Tyrin, surrounded by guns and a machismo culture, is tied to his friends and the way of life afforded him. Even as love and a chance of a way out arises with Jada Pinkett's terrific pretty Ronnie, it's doubtful if Tyrin will escape from the revolving door of death. Menace II Society had a troubled beginning, refused a video certificate on the grounds of its profane language and brutally violent scenes, it has since gone on to be viewed as one of the finer exponents of anti-violence involving Black Americans.

That wasn't always the case though, many critics in the 90s were prone to calling it a film that glamorises the lifestyle of "Hood" gangsters, but offered a saver of sorts by correctly saying it had realism in amongst the harshness. Certainly the dialogue and regional slang was refreshing to hear, thus affording "Menace" and its makers praise for keeping it real, so to speak.

Ineviatbly comparisons were are drawn with John Singleton's film, Boyz n the Hood. But although "Menace" is rawer, uncompromising and more visceral with impact, it lacks the intelligence of Singleton's film.

Where "Boyz" had fully rounded characters, character with which to hang your hat on to, "Menace" is just a social group of youths we neither know or care about outside of the group, ego driven dynamic.

Menace II Society Yify

When lead protagonist Tyrin is trying to deal with his inner conflict, we the audience are treated to standard run of the mill melodrama.

The streetwise edginess that the Hughes' began their film with the opening is nigh on horrific has long since gone as they try to make a film that touches all the bases of Black Americana. Easily the most realistic of all the ghetto films made, in fact the film at times feels like we are on a documentary drive around downtown Watts. Menace II Society, however brutal it clearly is, has loaded the gun and shot the bullet, only to see it narrowly miss the whole target it was aiming for.

Still it's one hell of an experience though. This movie deserves none of the accolades it got. First off, the authenticity talked about in other reviews about ghetto life is so ridiculous I can't express how ignorant those people are. I grew up poor, so while I'm white, I can relate on some level to a lot of the trials of young black men in movies like Boyz n the Hood. That movie seemed pretty accurate.

Those were just normal lower middle class to poor boys caught up in awful circumstances. Their lives resembled the rest of America in a lot of ways, but were punctuated by brief bouts of extreme gang and drug-related violence. That's pretty close to real. Menace II Society, more like menace to reality.

For one, there's no way a neighborhood could get this bad without the National Guard getting called in. I'm not kidding when I say that the level of violence and the frequency with which it is portrayed in this movie would make it worse than a literal war zone. Another thing about the movie that angered me was the way in which the young men were portrayed.