Le film brillant et tape à l'œil s'intitule Opération Espadon le titre original se contentant de "swordfish" soit "espadon". Y'aura de l'action, du motion control. When the DEA shut down its dummy corporation operation codenamed The film features the real streets of downtown Los Angeles, where Dominic Sena also . Find Opération Espadon at ogloszenia-turystyka.info Movies & TV, home of thousands of 4 Film Favorites: John Travolta (Domestic Disturbance, Face/Off, The General'S.

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The species is, therefore, listed as Near Threatened as it almost meets the requirements for listing as threatened under criterion A4ab. Food Poisoning at the Bridal Store from Bridesmaids It doesn't feel right for a dark character like this, its like shoving Batman in Hawaii, the action may still rock but the atmosphere just isn't right. There isn't a moment in The Punisher that isn't borrowed or stolen from another movie. Phenomenon Territories, Canada, and Bermuda.

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How long would it take for the city to reverse is policies on hostage negotiation. It is then revealed that Gabriel has taken hostages and is in the middle of a bank heist of his own.

Not to give too much more away for people who haven't seen Swordfish but the beginning ends with an amazing explosion that will rock your home theater system into overdrive along with some amazing visual photography. The character of Gabriel is my favorite Travolta performance of all-time. He plays a character who is always many steps ahead of everyone else in the entire movie.

Until the ending you never really know who Gabriel really is, only that he is a bad guy. And he's a bad guy you really like. You are always left guessing at what the motive is behind all of his actions, but he goes on to talk much about misdirection.


Throughout the entire movie this is always a reoccurring theme to keep you guessing at what happens next. The rest of the cast is absolutely perfect. Hugh Jackman plays the part of Stanley Jobson who is an computer hacker who no longer is allowed anywhere near a computer and is living in a trailer working a dead-end job. Halle Berry plays the roll of Ginger, who like Gabriel, as the movie goes on you never are too sure of who she really is.

All that you are lead to know is that she is with Gabriel and her job is to bring Stanley in because Gabriel wants his computer skills for a job he needs done.

Don Cheadle plays the role of J. Roberts who worked for the FBI and was the man who arrested Stanley and is the reason he is no longer allowed near a computer. Also following Stanley's arrest, Stanley lost custody of his daughter thanks to Roberts.

Roberts now is now on the trail of Gabriel and the one trying to put together what Gabriel needs Stanley to do for him. Lastly, Sam Shepard plays the roll of Senator Reisman. I won't go too deep into what his roll is in the movie as it might give too much away to those who haven't seen it.

Just know he plays a very important role. I will say that action movies are by far my favorite type of movie and this movie is a perfect example of why. This movie features everything you will look for in an action movie; guns, car chases with a beatuiful TVR Tuscan I might add , explosions, beautiful women, and even a bus dangling from a helicopter while flying through L. The movie also has a visual look to it that I can't put quite into words.

It has some type of yellowish lens filter on some scenes and a cool blueish, purplish, greenish filter on other scenes. You really have to see it, it just gives the movie its own feeling that I have never seen before and I absolutely love it. And I never want another movie to use it because looking at it just reminds me this is Swordfish. It was created by popular techno artist Paul Oakenfold. I have never heard a soundtrack like this in my life. It just fits the entire look of the movie so amazingly and will also give your home theater system a workout as well.

Finally I will talk about the Blu-Ray itself. The picture quality here is reference quality. Its that good. It also features a 5.

Just sit back and log on, hack in, go anywhere, and steal everything with Swordfish. Prime Video Verified Purchase. Great Movie! The exchange betweent he characters is awesome. Jon Travolta has a intellegent, witty, and sometimes funny character Hugh Jackman did a good job, but it seemed like he was acting as wolverine without the costume. The story is first rate.

Love the action sequences, and the conflict betweent he characters Seemed real. What a great first 5 minutes! DVD Verified Purchase. The first 5 minutes of the movie is an amazing set of scenes acting as a kick-start for this high-tension, suspenseful action movie. Right down to the little ball-bearing rolling towards to camera covered in blood--amazing effects! Travolta's character is truly evil--calm, cool, collected but evil. Frankly, he is really a terrorist trying to sway events using violence.

Ruthlessly cold, he doesn't mind killing people to get his way. For his purposes, he needs a top-class computer hacker Jackman who he recruits via Halle Berry's character. Thru the whole movie, there are twists and turns. There's something to be said for letting a comic book adaptation operate at the level of a comic book, dispensing cheap laughs and ice-cold sadism.

Ultimately, Frank's victim -to-vigilante transformation is so morally unexplored it's emotionally alienating. Nev Pierce. The Punisher is mildly entertaining, for all the wrong reasons.

James Christopher. There isn't a moment in The Punisher that isn't borrowed or stolen from another movie. Rex Reed. Mismanages its greatest asset: Benjamin Strong. Leona Laurie. Kevin Carr. Nell Minow. Joe Lozito. Despite some admittedly strong moments it's certainly nothing special and barely above ordinary. Garth Franklin. If you thought "Daredevil" was lousy, then you'll be thoroughly irritated by the asleep-at-the-wheel pacing of the story of the Punisher's origin.

Cole Smithey. This marks the second adaptation of the Punisher to the big screen, and it is a marked improvement over the effort. This one is a little more faithful to the source material, but the basic story remains the same.

Frank Castle is a highly trained agent with all kinds of military and intelligence experience who, after his family is slaughtered, goes on a massive quest for vengeance that in the comics at least turns into a broad war on crime. Even though this film gets a lot right, mostly by having a strong cast, some impressively executed and thrilling action scenes, and some great production values, it needs some work when it comes to having a strong story and script.

Some of the acting is also rather lackluster, but thankfully Tom Jane pulls off a good turn as Frank Castle. It also makes me happy that he underwent a lot of weapons and techniques training, as it shows during the action scenes. The film does have some good character building moments and quieter scenes, which I liked, but at the same time, it's also rather light when it comes to have depth or anything really all that meaning.

The film also does good at showing the tactician side to the character of The Punisher, but doesn't have a good balance with it and his brutal side, leaving the most cringeworthy stuff up to the villains. This is a well made and entertaining film overall though, and, while it does have its faults, I think it's a pretty worthy piece of work, a fact greatly helped by a strong lead, good music, decent cinematography, and solid action.

Some of the lighter moments provide some needed levity, but in a couple of instances, I think they could have toned it down, as some of the less serious moments fall flat and seem a bit silly.

Razorbill (Alca torda) - BirdLife species factsheet

In the end though, I still dig this one and think you should check it out. First reboot for the franchise since the underrated Lundgren flick. Admittedly Lundgren had the physique for the role but wasn't a naturally dark haired man, so this time they chose The plot was based around a few Punisher story lines from the comic book world and is an origins plot line.

So we start off by seeing 'Castle' as a regular guy and top undercover cop, we get all the family life guff and this does actually take up quite a bit of the film early on. At one point it does get a bit dull and I started to yearn for some action. The plot is also more of the Punisher fighting one group of bad guys, he's not a vigilante killing lots of bad guys, he fighting one particular group. At first I didn't like that but the finale clears it up so.

When the action does hit so do the problems. First off the 'killing' of Castle, how the hell did the bad guys mess that up?!. Normally when someone is gonna get whacked they are shot in the head point blank, simple, but in this film its just stupid. The bad guys have Castle but shoot him in the chest?? They then pour gasoline over everything accept Castle and set it alight, so everything burns accept Castle, oh and then it all blows up.

Castle then manages to survive for what seems like quite a long time before getting picked up. So he's shot point blank in the chest, survives a gasoline explosion point blank range and still lives on So that whole sequence fails in two ways then.

This film has various issues that didn't sit well with me. Being set in Florida for one thing, the film seems quite bright and sunny all the time because of the location. It doesn't feel right for a dark character like this, its like shoving Batman in Hawaii, the action may still rock but the atmosphere just isn't right.

Then there's the issue of Jane as the Punisher, again like Dolph he has the physique but he's blonde!!

Its a minor quibble I guess but just like Dolph he hasn't got the stubble line either because he's fair haired, is it really that hard to find an actual dark haired man for this role??.

So if you put the smaller issues aside what next? He gets killed off, then announces to the world he's actually not dead which ruins the whole point if you ask me, and then nothing happens!. We don't get any real revenge killing until the finale. He battles two assassins, one is a complete copy from the Rodriguez film 'Desperado' and the other kinda looks like a cross between 'The Sandman' and 'Zangief' out of 'Street Fighter II' and is dressed like a cartoon character.

Admittedly the fight against the enormous Russian was quite good but that was it. There are too many sappy moments in here too, attempts at some humour which don't really fit and the characters who live with Castle are terrible. The bad guys again aren't really very memorable either, Travolta is kinda miscast as the main villain and merely comes across as his character from 'Swordfish' and a few others.

The Punisher

The only other bad guy of note would be Will Patton as Travolta's main sidekick, interesting touch making him homosexual but wasn't explored enough, fresh though. On the whole the bad guys were definitely bad enough but just totally bland and generic, unlike the 89 version this film didn't have the explosive fun action to get around that.

The slaying of 'Saint' at the end was laughable, not only is there no guarantee he was actually killed seeing as Castle managed to survive his ordeal , but the iconic skull motive left by all the burning wreckage was just plain dumb and a 'Crow' rip off.

What was the point of it?? I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to actually do on the ground and take ages to arrange, when did he get the time??!! The film finally comes to life in the finale as Castle finally takes down all the bad guys, the sequence is what you're waiting for the whole time.

Had more of this happened throughout the film it may have been much better, but in general there are many bad decisions here which I just don't understand how they were agreed on. My goodness this was a pretty bad movie.


I'm not entirely sure what they were going for, but it seems that the filmmakers weren't particularly concerned with making this thing interesting. The acting is incredibly bad.


It even wastes the talent of the late Roy Scheider, which is an unforgivable error. And while I love a good dark revenge fantasy, it didn't really embrace its darkness. Nor did it embrace the light either. It was caught in a purgatory that awkwardly blended drama, violence, and comical gags. It can best be likened to a Jackson Pollock painting. There is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. But when you step back and look at the entire canvas, you spend your whole time struggling to figure out what the hell you are looking at.

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