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Shenzhen Flash Floods Kill A total of firefighters were dispatched to put out the fire. Chen advocates that the government intervene in order to protect lower-level employees by instating a legal limit for working hours and a minimum wage. The father also accused Shunde Hospital of concealing the death of the babies and falsifying their medical records, an allegation denied by a doctor at the hospital. Comment ignorer le leader inconteste au Japon et en Coree???. Autre innovation: No thanks Submit review.

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Photos of broken glass at the airport began circulating on Chinese social media platform Weibo Sunday morning.

It's unclear who the pop star in question is. But some fans have caused embarrassment for their idols, with performers like Kris Wu, who is under investigation for music sales fraud in the U. Even a voluntary schedule is unfair, because it puts others at risk of falling into the schedule involuntarily, argues Chen Jie, a professor at the China Institute for Urban Governance of Shanghai Jiaotong University, in a commentary for Caixin.

Chen advocates that the government intervene in order to protect lower-level employees by instating a legal limit for working hours and a minimum wage.

Eleven drainage workers were confirmed dead on Friday, one day after flash floods hit the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The victims were among 16 people cleaning drainage systems in the Luohu and Futian districts of the city when the downpour hit, triggering flash floods. Nine workers were confirmed dead on Thursday night.


Five were rescued and two missing workers were confirmed dead on Friday after a day of searching, putting the death toll at The incident came despite the city government having issued a weather alert to construction companies, asking them to handle the cofferdams carefully. Caixin reported Monday that the company had asked retirees to pledge their Beijing homes to borrow money for investment in Zhongan-managed projects, in exchange for attractive returns.

But instead of receiving the promised returns, customers soon found themselves hounded by debt collectors, as Zhongan had put their names on the company's deals with other entities. The public security department said in its Tuesday statement that those involved in the scheme must voluntarily surrender and return any illegal gains. An investigation into Zhongan is ongoing. In Depth: Chinese people consume tea all year round, but domestic demand for the beverage — especially for green tea — is now entering the annual peak season.

See more photos here. For example, in Jiangxi last year, enforcement teams entered village homes, seized empty coffins, and smashed them with excavators , in an attempt to reduce burial rates.

In recent years, a few local governments — mostly along the coast or the Yangtze river delta — have sanctioned certain areas for a lesser-practiced rite in China: Though uncommon here, sea burials have a notable history in China. Former leaders Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping were both buried at sea. Shanghai reportedly became the first Chinese city to authorize such burials, in See more photos of the ceremony here.

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Police are taking criminal enforcement measures against three suspects from Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemicals after a blast at the factory in east China killed 78 people, local authorities announced Wednesday. The blast on March. The suspects were not identified. The firefighters were killed by huge fireball and explosion created by a sudden change in wind direction when they were heading to another spot to fight the blaze, officials said at a Tuesday briefing on the tragedy. The fire broke out March 31 in rugged mountains at an altitude of about 4, meters in Liangshan prefecture in Sichuan and was extinguished Tuesday, officials said.

A total of firefighters were dispatched to put out the fire. The large number of casualties sparked discussion of how such a lethal wild fire should be handled.

Experts said forest fires at high altitudes need to be carefully dealt with because of the complexity of the environment. The Sichuan government set up a special team to investigate the cause of the fire and whether fire-fighting efforts were properly managed.

Experts will specially study the cause of the explosion effect, officials said. Fighting Fires in China. A kindergarten teacher in Jiaozuo, Central China's Henan Province, was detained for allegedly poisoning at least 23 toddlers, according to local police in a statement published Monday on the Weibo social media platform.

The children were hospitalized in the morning of March 27 because of vomiting after having eaten porridge at Mengmeng Kindergarten, a privately run facility in Jiaozuo. Some children lost consciousness, according to parents. As of late Monday, one child still remained in critical condition, Jiaozuo police said. Mengmeng is a small, low-cost kindergarten hosting around 64 pupils, mainly children of migrant workers. The facility has been closed for investigation, police said. China needs people to have more babies.

HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that is easily preventable by pre-exposure vaccine. Police issued a wanted notice on March 3, , saying Wu had fled out of fear of punishment.

But what about workers who choose to ? Is a schedule ever justifiable? Shenzhen Flash Floods Kill Cruise-Ship Sea Burial?

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