With DIALux evo you can design complete buildings, daylight and streets. Download DIALux evo Technicial Requirements CPU with SSE2-support. DIALux evo now available DIALux evo is now available as a download and mainly includes various bug fixes and performance optimizations. Download Dialux Evo - best software for Windows. DIALux: DIALux it is a light planning software,including features like: Planning with LED luminaires and.

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For systems which have already been installed there is no change: EN is under revision. Further bug fixes in various translations. The new Ray Trace Preview is responsible for the visualization see above. There is no longer a difference between the layout of individual luminaires in a linear or rectangular arrangement and manually positioned individual luminaires. NET Framework is Microsoft's comprehensive and consistent … more info This function has been enhanced to meet Danish and South African specifications.

DIALux evo patch 3 release. Last post by ogloszenia-turystyka.infoeimer DIALux evo patch 1 release. Last post by DIALux evo download link. Last post by irpyc . Keywords: CIE , DIALux , DIALux evo , simulation, test are free to download and install from the company's website, but are. Download citation · ogloszenia-turystyka.info .. Because DIALux evo is not yet able to simulate daylight, an array of.

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dialux evo 4.1

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Additional titles containing dialux evo 4. This means that the output of a geometry description with grid information and all the values of the table e. New translations within the street plan editor. Bug fixes: This was caused by the Internet Explorer 9 and 10 pre-release. Improvement in the output for lighting classification. The problem when adapting the lighting clasification has been remedied.

Further bug fixes in various translations. In some cases DIALux projects could no longer be loaded in older interim versions. The problem of downward compatibility has now been solved. Many users were unhappy with this, because for their documentation they also required the luminous flux of the lamp. With our latest update we have taken this frequently expressed wish into consideration and now in the list of items display the luminous flux not only of the luminaire but also of the lamp.


For absolute photometric data these values are identical. The setup had to be adjusted because of the operating systems supported by DIALux.

For systems which have already been installed there is no change: Future updates will not cause any problems. This fault has now been remedied.

This led to deviations between the Editor and the results of the final calculation. These problems have been remedied. Our customers informed us that certain translations in the new Editor were unfortunately not quite correct.

These have been corrected. Alternative positions and products can be tried out next to each other and the results are available in real time. So it is now possible within one street geometry to compare any number of variations. If however different street geometries have to betaken into consideration, this can be done using several parallel diagrams.

Versionhistory - DIAL

EN is under revision. In contrast to the existing norm this will require two positions after the decimal point. This was not the case before but in some countries this was normal practice despite the norm requirements. From the 4. This will affect the rounding up or down of the results and consequently the fulfilment of the criteria. Plans which previously fulfilled the requirements may now fail in certain cases. In Denmark street lighting is calculated rather differently from in the rest of Europe Vejregleme for vejbelysning.

Since these deviations have very clear effects on the calculation, DIALux has now been fully adapted to the Danish norm.

The initial value for the maintenance factor in street lighting has now been changed to 0. The display of manufacturer names with Chinese symbols is now correct. The number of users with Windows is negligible. Nevertheless DIALux versions up to and including the 4.

Changes in technology on the part of Microsoft have now made changes necessary in DIALux which no longer enable support of Windows With the development of LED lighting and the absolute photometry frequently used here there is no luminous flux for the lamp in such lighting products since there is no lamp in these luminaires. In the luminaire parts lists the luminaire wattage and new the luminous flux of the luminaire are shown.

This leads to comparable values not only for LED luminaires but also for luminaires with conventional lamps. There were problems with 64 bit systems when creating outputs as PDF files. This problem has now been remedied.


PDFs can now be created on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. Unfortunately, in the 4. It has been possible to correct this malfunction. With 4. This very comprehensive tool makes it possible to make all kinds of adjustments to the positioning.

Download now – DIALux evo 8.1

Howeve, in the luminaire column the description was missing. This has now been added. When editing floor elements there was a possibility of the programme crashing if two points lay directly above one another.

This malfunction has now been corrected. In DIALux light the minimum height for the working plane was 0. This has now been reduced to o.

The standard value for the distance between the pole and the traffic lane in street lighting has been changed from 0. This function is not necessary since the manufacturers have already carried out correct positioning of the LDC in the plugIn.

This data format enables import of building information such as walls, ceiling, floor, windows and doors directly into DIALux. In this way all the rooms in a building can be constructed from the outset with windows and doors ready for further editing in DIALux. Adding the geometry for theses features often used to be time-consuming, but now this is no longer necessary.

In Europe and also in Asia and Australia however level CO is positioned parallel to the kerb and the course of the road.

Unfortunately it is not possible to correct this automatically with software. The necessary information is simply not available for automatic correction.

While data are being imported, it is now possible for the user to adjust the alignment. Of importance here is that it is possible to rotate the light distribution curve without distorting the geometry of the luminaire. However, if required, the geometry can also be adjusted at this stage. This is important since the IES data only define the light output area but not the luminaire housing.

For the illumination of roads the US standards differ enormously from the standards in Europe and many parts of Asia. This not only affects the nominal values to be achieved for luminance density, illuminance or uniformity but the way of determining the parameters is completely different.

In DIALux 4. In just a few seconds DIALux can find the optimal luminaire and its position for a given street. Storing in the street plan optimizer and quick street planner. The parameters in the optimizer can be stored and used for new street planning on restarting the optimizer. So the planner can start again where he left off without having to re-enter all the parameters. Removal of the restriction for tilting LDT, assembly types.

Since technically only luminaires mounted on the side of lampposts, in rare cases also on top of the lampposts, can be used, this was not possible with imported luminaire data. Previously the result list of the optimizer was only available to the user as an overview for selecting the desired option. This result can now be stored as a file for further use. This can be used either for documentation or for a further analysis, which also includes assembly, purchasing and operating costs etc.

The selection of several luminaires for optimization was somewhat confusing and many users found this too complicated.