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Tregelles produced his Greek New Testament in the conviction that theology should follow from the text, not vice versa Tregelles was a major influence on Westcott and Hort. Anyone is free to use these files for any purpose, although source attribution to the preparer is requested for the purpose of fixing responsibility for the text as it appears and for any errors which may still exist. Die gotische Bibel: Public Domain uncopyrighted according to JohnHurt. In he re-issued it in a second folio-size edition, with abridged notes. If you have any questions or comments please contact: Clint Yale's Tischendorf text and on Dr.

Bible audio [Playlist]French Audio Bible [v. Louis Segond - ]. Télécharger notre application pour android: Wordproject on Google Play Wordproject on. Segond 21 est une traduction de la Bible basée sur la version de Louis Segond, King James Bible. Téléchargez la Bible King James gratuitement. Gratuit. 8. Télécharger Setup bible gratuit. InstallAware Free Installer X2. Logiciel Windows project properties for your installaware setup directly inside the visual studio.

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All ratings All ratings 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. United States - English. Open in new tab. Sign me up Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Sign up. The original goal of the Nova Vulgata was to provide an authoritative edition of Jerome's translation for the production of a reformed Latin liturgy, while also correcting the Vulgate in use and taking into account other important liturgical factors such as readability in public and singability for choirs.

The translation is generally a literal translation, and the New Testament is in the main based on the Received Text, however some places are affected by the Eclectic Greek Texts.

Includes footnotes and colored Jesus' words. The electronic edition comes from Sergej A. Fedosov's Slavic Bible for Windows.


Includes Morphology Codes Copyright: Public Domain text. This Transliterated Bible Module approximates the english pronounciation of the original text. The sources used were the Heb. OT Masoretic and the Gr. All others are standard English pronounciation. Transliteration is approximate and sometimes symbolic as a study aid for learning to read the original text only!

In he was Archimandrite of the St. He was also active in Ukrainian politics, both during the revolution and later in emigration. Between and , he also realized a translation of the Bible into the Ukrainian language, finally published in His translation of the Gospels became available in , and the rest of the New Testament and the Psalms in His Ukrainian translation is the one most widely used nowadays, with Ukrainian Bible Society starting to publish mass editions in Jerome's A.

Only the Hebrew one in used in this version. Jerome c. In he moved to Bethlehem and worked on the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, as well as the rest of the New Testament was completed. Due to older Latin texts in circulation, Jerome's work was not widely popular until the ninth century. The influence of Jerome's Bible was quite extensive. For instance, the first knowledge of the Bible in the British Isles was from the Vulgate.

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Public Domain, Copy Freely. The NT was published in The OT was published in Amendments were published in , and a final revision in Peter, beteiligt. Barnes was ordained as a Presbyterian minister by the presbytery of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, in , and was the pastor successively of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, New Jersey , and of the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primary Methodist theological resource for two centuries.

Contained in 6 volumes, consisting of nearly 1, pages each, it was considered the most comprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man. As a theologian, Clarke reinforced the teachings of Methodist founder John Wesley.

He taught that the Bible provides a complete interpretation of God's nature and will. He considered Scripture itself a miracle of God's grace that "takes away the veil of darkness and ignorance. Francis Asbury called Coke "the greatest man in the last century" in his memorial sermon.

Within its more than 7, pages, the authors cover the most important aspects of the Bible narrative, its historical background, and its original-language Hebrew words, always maintaining a clearly interdenominational and evangelical perspective, speaking of the Bible as the historically accurate and inspired Word of God and passionately defending the Bible against those who would question its origin, authorship, and accuracy.

Public domain.

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Matthew Henry studied law at Gray's Inn and was ordained a Presbyterian minister in He served churches in Chester and in Hackney, near London. He began writing his famous commentary in Matthew Henry's warm mix of scholarship and practical application has made his commentary a favorite of preachers and devotional readers alike for two hundred years.

May be copied and distributed freely. Robertson, A. Public Domain all volumes since URL: For corrections on Davar text please contact wm. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: Public Domain text, according to information obtained from http: Jaroslav Achab Haidler Copyright: Jaroslav Achab Haidler: Perke Avot: Portuguese Translation Info Perke Avot: Spanish Translation Info Perke Avot: Spanish Translation Perke Avot: Spanish Translation Copyright: Did - Charles H.

Hoole; This uncopyrighted document has been made available to the Library by courtesy of the Athenaeum of Christian Antiquity. Pachomius archive site.

The St. This Material is for Mature Adiences Only! This Topic module is not, in any way, meant to promote Rabbinic Judaism. What is the Mishna? The Hebrew verb 'shanah' literally means 'to repeat [what one was taught] and is used to mean 'to learn'. The term 'Mishna' basically means the entire body of Jewish religious law that was passed down and developed before CE, when it was finally redacted by Rabbi Yehudah haNasi Judah the Prince.

He is usually simply referred to as 'Rabbi'. Prior to the time of Rabbi, all Jewish Law was transmitted orally; It was expressly forbidden to write and publish the Oral Law, as any writing would be incomplete and subject to misinterpretation and abuse.

However, after great debate, this restriction was lifted when it became apparent that it was the only way to insure that the law could be preserved. To prevent the material from being lost, Rabbi took up the redaction of the Mishna. He did not do this at his own discretion, but rather examined the tradition all the way back to the Great Assembly. Prepared from text from info SkyeCM. Jeff A.

Please feel free to use, copy or distribute any material on this site for non-profit educational purposes only. William Wilberforce , , ed. Driver, and Charles Briggs, based on the lexicon of William Gesenius. Text provided by Princeton Theological Seminary.

Richard Whitaker. Used by his permission. You cannot sell this file. Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English lexicon unabridged. You can also download PDF version for synchronization. Based on the lexicon of William Gesenius, as translated by Edward Robinson, and edited with constant reference to the thesaurus of Gesenius as completed by E.

Driver, D. Briggs, D. Driver and Charles A. Based on the edition originally published by Clarendon Press: Published in , text is out of copyright. By Ashley S. Johnson, LL. Electronic edition by Ernie Stefanik. Easton M. Due to the nature of etext, the illustrated portion of the Dictionary have not been included.

LEX , with Strong and short descriptions. Each word has also information about frequency in King James Bible according its Strong. It contains well over 2, Bible and Bible-related proper names and their meanings which you can search using a word processor. Some Hebrew words of uncertain meaning have been left out.

It is out of copyright, so feel free to copy and distribute it.

I pray it will help in your study of God's Word. Out of copyright. Hitchcock PT.

Hitchcock SP. However, during that time the English language has changed. With it has changed the meaning of some words used in the KJV. Here are over words whose definitions have changed since Present emphisis is on classical Latin and late Latin, but medieval Latin entries are increasing.

Nave, A. He referred to this work as "the result of fourteen years of delightful and untiring study of the Word of God". Nave's topics were originally published in the early s, and a photo-offset reproduction is currently published by Hendrickson, ISBN X. Public Domain -- Copy Freely. This lexicon file is a conversion of Hebrew-English lexicon distributed from http: Org This lexicon file was created with kind permission of Larry Pierce, chief programmer of Online Bible. You may not sell this file.

Its popularity was such that condensed dictionaries appropriated the title, "Smith's Bible Dictionary". The original publications are now in the public domain; some derivative, commercial versions are still in copyright.

Olomouc ISBN Also include Hebrew equivalents of Greek keywords. Also include Greek equivalents of Hebrew keywords. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer Jr. Torrey's New Topical Textbook Copyright: Copyright May 24 , US. Spellings Anglicisied. Errors in cross-references corrected. Material keyed and proofed by Paul Houghton. This material contains information that is a proper subset of the material distributed by B.

Kirkbride under the trademark of "Thompson Chain-References". The errors in the cross-references that Kirkbide have been published in all their editions of the Thompson's Bibles have been corrected. Copyright expired. Published by Sword of the Lord Publishers, P.


Box , Murfreesboro, TN, No copyright notice appears on the book, and it is a reprint of the original edition which is out of copyright. It explains the meaning of the original Greek with the added dimension of the context of the Greek word. In English, the Bible uses only one word for "love," but in New Testament Greek there are four two being used most often.

Vine's also provides the definition of a word as used in the King James Version more accurately than an English dictionary, because it expands the Greek use of the word. For example, the word, "godliness" in 1 Tim. Divine 2: All scripture references and reference to other entries within the text have been linked. To use this resource to it's full potential, follow all the links presented within the text of the entry you are reading.

These files are public domain. Noah Webster's Dictionary of American English Info Noah Webster's Dictionary of American English Noah Webster - , the author of the readers and spelling books that dominated the American market at the time, spent decades of research in compiling his dictionaries.

In it, he introduced features that would be a hallmark of future editions, such as American spellings center rather than centre, honor rather than honour, program rather than programme, etc. He spent the next two decades working to expand his dictionary.

In , at the age of 70, Noah Webster published his American Dictionary of the English Language ADEL in two quarto volumes containing 70, entries, as against the 58, of any previous dictionary. Early ChF Vol. The Early Church Fathers Vol. These files have the majority of the text printed in the actual books, but the indexes are not included. These writings are not the Bible! This collection of early Christians who wrote are not inspired. They are not part of the Bible. They are absolutely not authoritative in determining doctrine.

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From http: It was first composed in Latin ca. It is a handbook for spiritual life arising from the Devotio Moderna movement, of which Kempis was a member. The Imitation is perhaps the most widely read devotional work next to the Bible, and is regarded as a devotional and religious classic.

Its popularity was immediate, and it was printed times before Apart from the Bible, no book has been translated into more languages than the Imitation of Christ.

The text is divided into four books, which provide detailed spiritual instructions: The approach taken in the Imitation is characterized by its emphasis on the interior life and withdrawal from the world, as opposed to an active imitation of Christ by other friars.