In other words, encoders digitize videos and send it to YouTube to be live It's free, open-source, and absolutely packed with powerful features to help you grow . You can reach your audience live by taking advantage of live streaming on YouPHPTube. Download videos from ogloszenia-turystyka.info and a few more sites. The best way to stream live video to 30+ platforms simultaneously. Reastream&Scheduler. Restream logo. Try Restream now. The best way to stream live video.

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It is a divisions designed to display a short personal description, thumbnails of videos you've uploaded, and your playlists. OBS Studio is equipped with a powerful API, enabling plugins and scripts to provide further customization and functionality specific to your needs. Frame-accurate Media Playback 1. There is an user that you can use to see how it works user: Customize your stream and stand out from the crowd with full-screen graphic overlays, watermarks, and lower-thirds.

Produce, direct, and star-in your own broadcast-quality live stream. and fans around the world, and go live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Mix video and audio clips into your live show, or go “live-to-tape” and broadcast later. Live stream for Facebook, livestream app for YouTube live broadcast. Facebook live app, live broadcast app, YouTube live stream, free live app for Facebook. Download vMix Live Video Production Software. Download vMix Click Download below to install the Free 60 Day Trial or to update your licensed copy of vMix.

What is an encoder? An encoder is a device or application that takes your content and converts it into a digital format to stream on YouTube.

In other words, encoders digitize videos and send it to YouTube to be live streamed to your viewers. Some encoders are stand-alone devices that take audio and video signal from a Camera or a PC. Other encoders are software applications running on a PC that capture video from a WebCam or the desktop. Encoding vs. Looking for an easier way to stream? There are many types of encoders, and the best one for you depends on your needs.

The following encoders are YouTube Live verified. Make sure to evaluate the products and decide which option makes the most sense for you or your business. Ready to stream?

Livestream Studio | Live Video Production Hardware and Software

Leverage the power of a live production studio and control room in a simple web application designed to reduce the complexity of social broadcasting and help you transform your YouTube page into a social TV channel.

Streamlabs OBS is the leading broadcast software for streamers. It's free, open-source, and absolutely packed with powerful features to help you grow, engage, and monetize. XSplit Broadcaster Windows Free version available! XSplit Gamecaster Windows Free version available! The easiest way to stream and record your greatest gaming moments at the click of a button. Perfect for sharing your gameplay. Wirecast Windows, Mac.

Easy-to-use, award-winning live streaming and production software.

Add cameras, live screen captures, titles, graphics, and more with just a click of a button and click-and-drag to reposition and resize. Works with the YouTube API so you can manage, create and schedule your live events or stream your live channel without leaving the app.

Set up your live streaming encoder

AirServer Windows, Mac. Create professional live streams from your HDMI camera, mixer, console, or other device with this compact hardware encoder.

Connect your USB camera for live switching and picture in picture layouts. The industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform. Monitor, record, switch, edit and stream live HD-quality video wirelessly to YouTube.


Teradek VidiU Pro. Built on OBS, and combines Streamlabs alerts, widgets, tipping, face masks and thousands of free themes and overlays. Wirecast Go iOS. Free download from iOS App Store. Easily produce professional live broadcasts from your iPhone and stream them to YouTube. Javascript Required: The vMix website requires javascript enabled.

Please enable javascript before continuing. Software Download.

Download vMix Software For Windows. Download Desktop Capture For Windows. Download Now. Download Desktop Capture For Mac. GT - Easy to use, high-performance, animated graphics. Four way ticker support: Spell check support added to built in vMix Title Editor. New Clock dropdown box in Title Editor provides built in presets to add common clock formats to a title.

MultiCorder 4K and Pro editions. Added support for recording Video Call sources in addition to Output Individual MultiCorder settings can be saved in each preset.

High quality, fault tolerant, low CPU codec suitable for post production editing on Windows. Supported in both the Recorder and MultiCorder. Turns any input into a Virtual PZ camera with high quality, customisable digital zoom. Live Pause. New MultiView Output layout options.

Set the title bar either above or below the MultiView Output video previews. Updated NDI support to latest 3. Stream Deck and Stream Deck mini support. Add the vMix plugin from the Stream Deck App store. Set buttons to live thumbnail previews via shortcuts, or colours via activators. Joystick Z axis support Joystick pressure sensitive support. Support for AJA Kona 5.


This refers to special memory shared between the CPU and GPU and can be used to identify potential performance problems when using a large number of inputs. Vimeo streaming provider now supports selecting a previous setup event to stream to. Rearranged image orders is now saved in the vMix preset. New cog buttons on Preview and Output to open up associated Input Settings.

Added support for resizable VST3 plugins. Colour Correction. Monitoring Tools. Independent streaming control support for all three destinations Select a different audio bus for each stream to facilitate multilingual productions New Square 1: MultiView Output now supports custom input layouts in addition to the default Can also be used to assign monitors based on input type, for example to show the first 4 cameras in the first row regardless of location in the inputs Added support for SSL RTMPS streaming.

New OnCountdownCompleted trigger for titles. When unchecked vMix Social will only display new posts once.


Dragging and dropping content into vMix will now be added to the recent items to make them easy to find in the future Improved JSON support in Data Sources All dropdown input lists now include input number first to make it easy to find inputs in large productions Inputs. Find in Scripting API now supports numbers in addition to input names Fixed a couple of memory leak issues, including with titles after extended periods of time. Release Notes for vMix 20 - 5 September Two additional independent outputs for vMix Call, Replay and NDI Pro and 4K editions only Second recorder with an independent recording format that can be assigned to one of the 4 outputs.

Pro and 4K editions only. Production Clocks. Audio and Video sources sent to guests can now be changed independently at any time from the right click menu All vMix editions including Basic HD can now connect to a remote vMix Call running HD or higher New Low Latency option added.

OBS Studio

This can be used on reliable, high bandwidth point to point connections where the lowest possible delay is required.

New Channel Matrix option available for every input that supports audio Provides a 8x16 channel audio router to every input that can be assigned to any of the audio output buses in any combination Live audio meters added to each channel in the Input Channel Mixer. Improved streaming settings layout Each of the 3 destinations now supports independent bitrate and resolution settings Hardware Encoder can also be controlled independently on each stream to assist with systems where GeForce cards only support 2 encoders at a time.

Added support for controlling NewBlue Titler Live 3. This includes 36 additional templates including scoreboards and lower thirds. See Developer Information in the help for more information.