Moonshell is a very excellent and essential shell application for the Nintendo DS. Download Moonshell v (Final) (Stable). Download Size: MB. Edge ds moonshell download nds R4v2 Official Website. http:// Panda Free Antivirus latest version: A light antivirus app based on cloud computing. Download FIRMA DE AUTÓGRAFOS CON JORGE VALENZUELA Clip. QuickTime Player is an Download free Homebrew Nintendo DS Games and Apps. You must download and copy to MicroSD card in order to use EDGE! .. en af de få Moonshell by Bea Carlton, , Thorndike Press edition.

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Help me find this PC program, please! You can use the free 7-zip to extract it. Sent it back 4 times. NET Framework. Any will do. DSMaps 0. Gaming and Homebrew application reviews 4.

EDGE is easy to use, MoonShell est un homebrew multimédia pour la Téléchargement gratuit de MoonShell Jouer de la musique, des. If you want to use your DS as a media device then MoonShell is the app MoonShell (mine did) or a derivative – if not, download and enjoy. 22 janv. Ce tuto sera réalisé sur un linker R4 upgrade, mais il suffit de faire le système Moonshell permettant le lancement de médias comme les . EDGE http://www. ogloszenia-turystyka.info?lang=en sorti: Février . le site sur lequelle vous devez telecharger le kernel est TOUJOURS ecrit sur la boite de votre carte.

The memory I got was failty though and the browser froze continuously. I replaced it and at CircuitCity and the same thing happened. I replaced it again and again it was a mess.

Homebrew applications are those writtten by the DS community and are free for distribution and use. You can find anything from games, graphical editors, emulators, multimedia applications and even compiliers for programming on the go.

A DS with its nifty touchscreen, loaded with some clever homebrew can be an amazingly versatile tool, not to metion the coolest jukebox ever. There is a very large homebrew community, that is constantly updating its material. You only need to google "DS homebrew" to get a flavor of what we're talking about here. Below, I have some instructable worthy games for you guys.

Video Game Hero: Completely free. Very nice. Tower Defence: Very nice homebrew. AmplituDS v 4. Also look at this instructable on running homebrew on your DS for another good opinion.

R4/M3 Skins

To save us all some time, I have added all of these to a ZIP file that can be found at the end of this step: Now you have some games. Let me get something off my chest first. Most homebrew applications out there you will have no use for.

There's a lot of tech demos from people playing with the compiler and there are also some very nice and intricate programs that you just wont use with any given frequency to justify keeping them on your DS. So I have compliled a list of Homebrew applications that you will most probably use or like to have on your DS here.

If you have specific needs or interests please look through some review sites for stuff you like. The sites listed in the previous steps have comprehensive collections of homebrew applications.

Again, if you have a favorite then post a comment or send me a message and I'll add it here. DSOrganize 3. Very comprehensive file manager, organiser, sketchbook, alarm clock, note taker, buggy browser: This app feels like an operating system in itself.

DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS (desperate)

Get it. Moonshell 2. Infamous multimedia system: Apparently no longer being developed, but a must have. DSMaps 0. An application that pulls Google map tiles off of their central server. Works kinda like a guided GPS. No longer under development and searching for people to pick it up. I like this app and use it a fair bit.


Found my way around Austin with it once. True story. DSWeather 0.

You can look up your city code by going to the weather channel and looking up the weather at your hometown. Then check the url and pick out your city code, that will look like: Edmonton, CA see what I did there?

A quick and dirty way to confirm is to go to this random weather site and change the city code you got from the weather channel.

NDSMail 0. With POP servers and I dont know. I havent used it, cuz I have DSOpera and use gmail. Because they can! Kinda fun to try to debug. Are you better than those guys that made it in the first place?

If you get it working what you gonna do with it?


Some report running browsers through DSLinux. I havent tried recently, but its on here for the hardcore. DSFTP 2. The most useful homebrew app I have on my DS.


And the most useful you will have on yours. Noodle93 LOL has already beat me to this instructable , although I think I'll post my own trouble shooting for this app soon. Emulators are a big part of homebrew applications, which I will dedicate a seperate step for, since it can get complicated.

Emulators are software that allow you to play games and run software on different platforms. For instance the very popular MAME is a program that allows you to run old and some new arcade games on a personal computer. This kind of emulation seems to be limited only by processing power and the creativity of the open source programmers out there.

In this step we will look at DS emulators for personal computers, as well as emultors for other consoles that run on the NDS itself. These are in a constant state of revision and some work better than others.

Here I list the ones that work the best, and mention others that are still under development for completion. Remember that these are developped by gifted individuals on their spare time so, results vary. You can use the free 7-zip to extract it. Ruby is the ATi 3D hottie, if you didnt spot her already, btw: Emulators on the NDS As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of emulators that you can place on your DS for playing games from other consoles.

Emulation is not perfect, but roms are quite easily obtained with some googling , since many of the rights are not enforced for games, where their consoles are no longer in production. This is great for those who love Nintendo and the work that they have done with the DS and that do not want to break any copywrite laws, but still want to hack up their portable.

Again, none of these are perfect, they will need some tweaking and figuring, but now you have a place to start. Now that you have everything, its time to put them together. Dont worry. If anything gets messed up, you can always delete all of the files on the microSD and start over. You can also add and delete things as you go along. Here goes: The format of the microSD card should be FAT32, with the standard cluster allocation unit size of 4, bytes per allocation unit. Chances are you will not have any other options, so WILL do fine This will save some overall space.

DS roms themselves are 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, MB. Game save files are K. If you have a couple of GB microSD, you dont have to give it too much thought. Extract the firmware file to the root directory of the flashcart,. Make sure you have read the manual or firmware release notes that go with your flashcart.

Each one is a little bit different, so make sure you have what you need and that it is in the right place! Forums are a great resource, if you have questions, or post them here. Make a directory called F: Instead make another one called F: Check with your flashcart manual to see if this rom limit applies to you. The NDS Roms are usually distributed as zip files. If they have weird names, you can rename them at this stage. Copy over your homebrew and other applications, to a specific homebrew folder.

I keep them seperate in a F: Some early release homebrew apps need to be installed directly to the root directory, because directory paths - especially deep ones confuse their fragile.

I always try to see if they will run out of F: A bit of obsessive compulsive behavior is good for the soul! Also create the following folders, for the future call them whatever you want: You will have to tweak your system and read up on some guides to get the images, music and especially the videos to work properly.

I will attach a guide to this instructable about optimising multilmedia in the future.

Ultimate Nintendo DS Lite: 14 Steps

Make sure you leave some free space for Game Saves and Temporary Files. Game save files are k depending on the game. So for games! Dont be greedy. Let the DS have some room to breath. From here onwards, things will vary. It should be pretty much self-explanatory at this stage however, since all you have to do is to go to the appropriate directory and click to launch your game or application. To launch homebrew games and applications see the DS Homebrew link for more on that , you will have to use the Folder Navigation icon to find the app you want.

For the sake of organisation, I suggest keeping your homebrew and games seperate, as several homebrew applications will drop configuration and cache files that will clutter your beatiful filespace structure. Next we look at some accessories for the DS, that are commercially available.

Like everything in life, even the DS has to accessorized Some of the pages here refer to necessary items, such as replacement screens and screen protectors and others are here just for fun.

Installer le kernel/firmware sur son linker DS

Some are aesthetic and there to feed our vanity and leech off our wallets and some are there to help us maintain our sanity when something goes terribly wrong with the NDS. A great way to get started, if you just want to see what kind of things are available is to look through some YouTube videos of people demonstrating their kits. If you find any cool stuff that fit in this category, then please feel free to post a comment.

The wonderful thing about this handheld console is the touchscreen. Given that all DS games use it in one way or another and given that the DS will be around for a very long time, you need to invest in a very high quality screen protector.

You should apply both the top and bottom screen protectors as soon as you can. You never know when your stylus or nail will have a micro-scratch that will scar your screen forever.

Actually screen protectors may help hide the scratch from site if its not very deep. The best screen protector is: Nintendo has made this their officially licensed screen protector. Its also the most popular screen protector, or at least the most discussed, it is often referred to as the best available on the market, as long as you purchase the japanese model.

You will want to make sure of that fact as there are a lot of Hori knock-offs as should be expected from any officially licensed product. The Good: The Bad: It is very difficult to remove lint and fingerprints from the sticky side, so you have to be very careful when applying.

Where to buy: It was ok, no scratches, but it never stuck to the screen properly around the edges - very annoying. Installation isnt that bad I havent done it myself, but have seen had a look at the DS Lite schematics. You can always have an expert of handy friend help you if you dont know what you're doing.

So dont worry if you bust up your screen! There is always a way to Game-ON! Carrying Cases There are several very nice leather carrying cases available for the DS. The best solution I have found however is to get a soft carrying pouch for sunglasses from Walmart. I walked into a Walmart's optics store and asked for one rally nicely and I received a very nice, tough and soft case that I would not change for anything.

You should too! Battle Stylus This thing looks really cool. Its metal, heavy, has a sorta glow in the dark tip and it looks hardcore. Not too pricey, and I think it makes a great gift for someone. Here are my favorite DS related instructables that I found. This is a long instructable, and if you are interested in hacking your DS you should explore it thoroughly. If you just want an idea of what or how you hack the NDS for educational purposes, I decided to write a summary of the process here: Any will do.

Google is friendly. Google is your friend. X Stick the microSD into your flashcart. Flashcart into your NDS and turn it on. Nov 15, Nov 16, Feb 12, Dec 17, Jun 29, Sort By: Last Update Sort By Express Theme r4i-sdhc. March 21, at 7: Mar 21, March 17, at Splatoon skin xduvbeengnomed , Feb 25, Feb 25, Liquid 2 1. February 12, at December 17, at 1: High 1. November 16, at Colorful dark mode 1. R4i Skin, Colorful dark mode is nothing special but i wanted to make one.

Super NES 1. Polygon Rainbow 1. Liquid 1. Hyperbeast V2 1. Hyperbeast V1 1. GameBoy Mario 1. November 16, at 9: Futuristic 1. Modern Soft Theme 1. November 15, at Super Mario World Theme navimor , Jun 11, Jun 11,