PSP version Downgrade to GEN-C (Full). Here Are The Now, download firmware from ogloszenia-turystyka.info Download. This little video shows you how to downgrade from the Sony PSP to . firmware, ac adaptor to turn your battery to normal after this, download the. Install PSP custom firmware GEN-C. install CFW GEN-C on PSP. GEN-C. Download CFW GEN-C: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 . , am. Can anybody please tell me how to downgrade my psp to

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As soon as it will be, you can expect it to be on MakeUseOf though. Rename the version 1. You are hacking the firmware of the PSP. If not, start over. Congratulations, you know have a PSP with firmware 1.

Or better download the complete up-to-date PSP Downgrading/Upgrading Guide There are a lot of different ways to downgrade your PSP, which one you'll. Guide: How to downgrade PSP firmware to firmware that your PSP is running TN-B. If not, please download it at the link below. I tried this on my PSP with 3g module. And it works. If this helped you, please add rep. First Download this. to Bundle.

Downgrading from 6. Add Thread to del. Works on PSP , , Must be 3g or lower! I'm not responsible for any bricks of your PSP. I tried this on my PSP with 3g module. And it works. If this helped you, please add rep. First Download this. I'll post images when I get my PSP from dad. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Spoiler for My Guides!


So it seems feasible that you could downgrade from 6. Originally Posted by Ryuukon. You might wanna change your first post to avoid any possible bricks. Originally Posted by catadrk.

Note that the installation is also very similar to the GTA version. Rename the version 1. PBP and drop it in X: Start the game. As soon as it starts loading the savefile the screen will turn black and restart. If not, start over. You can now start to downgrade.

You can only proceed with the installation if you do. Once the installation is complete, you can press X to restart your system. Congratulations, you know have a PSP with firmware 1. Before we can upgrade to the latest version of the M33 firmware, we must first do an initial upgrade to one of the first M33 versions, CFW 3.

If you are on FW 1. If you are on another custom firmware, skip this step. Rename the 1. PBP and This will permanently allow non-patched eboots to load. When prompted, press X. Your PSP will restart automatically when done. Next, start 3. After it has loaded and rewritten the firmwares this can take a while , you can press X to restart. Press X to continue or R to exit.

Press X at the end of the installation to turn your PSP off, turn it back on manually. Congratulations, you are now on 3. Format your memory stick again as explained above. Press X to do the update, this one will go real quick.

Also add the parallel official firmware to that folder, renamed in the same manner as in 2. Press X to continue. Your email address will not be published. After that also i got the message "the game could not be started" - i checked on the net and it asked to go on recovery mode.

Now that that I feel like a boob is there any way to fix this and bring my self back so I can play my other back up games on memory card I have a psp and a version 4. Thanx in advance!!! I know its possible i dont know if i should go through the 5. My two boys accidentally upgraded their psp to firmware 5.

Many thanks. Hi, I have a psp with 3. I already have a pandora battery and a memory stick. Can I start downgrading my psp, and if so, can I downgrade it to any cfw I want?

I downloaded the 3. Hi Hassan! Hi, I have a modified psp with FW 3. Gives error mssg, 'upgrade to version 4. It dosent matter what firmware you have with the model. Hi, im not so good with hacking my psp but i have a psp slim and i just recently upgraded it to 6.

Hi im at the part where you upgrade from 1. Hello, i have bought a new psp with 6. ISO nor. I have PSP original firmware 5. Please help? Email me step-by-step guide if possible. P CFW. Just got a brand new Sony Psp last week and I'm looking to Install a mars-blue.

Can anyone help me out please Man i need ur help. Nice tutorial. Whenever you get a chance can u make a tutorial to do it with versions over 6. I would like to know what CFW I can download and the best way to do it.

My PSP slim generation I can not play games that are the memory stick. I would like to know how to get rid of the Firmware 5. Please e-mail back, thanks a lot. Downgrading 2. Techies here told me that i won't be able to go back to my OFW and that 6. Is this true? Are there full games that i can play thru mem card?

Please help I appreciate so much for any help you can extend. Thank you. Jet well who ever told you that 6. I fixed mine it was semi-bricked i put on hellcat's recovery flasher 1. Hi Simon, I updated to 6. Hi there. I have a PSP and I was wondering if there was anyway to downgrade it to v5.

[Tutorial] Downgrading from to

Please help I am desperate. Hi I have a psp slim with official firmware 5. Is there anyway i can downgrade. PLS help as i couldn't find help in most of the sites. You have to make sure its hacked with Custom Firmware Guys, a have a new psp that i bought lately. If i downgrade it, will i be able to play games from my mem stick?

I have the PSP , the firmware is the 5. Has anyone got a guide for a complete and utter NOOB when it comes to hacking my psp with 3. My brother in law has it done and has asked my why can't I just use his old Wipeout game to take it back to 1. Upgrade to Custom Firmware 3. I think so. Try re-downloading the relevant firmaware file from an alternative source check google. Hi Simon can u help me anyhow?

I badly need help. All PSPs can be cracked, disregarding current firmware. Here you'll need to use a temporary crack. This will indicate your firmware, as well as your production line and thus your motherboard.

How to downgrade your psp 3000 using 6.20 TN-B HEN

Download the updated pdf guide. A PSP with 4. Ive been trying to come up with ways to hack my psp and get custom firmware without bricking my psp. Can u please help me.

I would greatly appriciate it. Can anyone help me downgrade my psp please? I need the games working.. I'm using psp 3. I must say this is a highly effective guide especially since im new to this hacking business, but i just have one question.

Bless god for flash cards, games are unaffordable nowadays and thanks to flash card stuff I can still game without having to pay tons of money. How can i down grade my psp with version 5.

Hey vu i can help u hack it, it is really easy to hack without pandora battery just email me at 2basspreston gmail. I was downgrading my psp phat fw 2.

You look like you are an expert is there away to help me can you email me? I just recently bought a PSP Slim version 4. I have been told that this version of Sony official firmware is not yet hackable up to date, i just wanted some confirmation on this issue.

If you know how to hack it or have some ideas feel free to give them to me. Please complete instructions.


Thanks in advance! Man, i just bough a psp is it true that this type cannot play the games saved in the memory stick?

I got a psp v. Could u let me know when it will b hacked???????????????????? Should be able to go straight to the upgrading part. Is your method part 2 applicable on this unit. The battery of the unit is 3. Thanks and more power. Thanks for writing this guide.. I don't know why it took someone so long to finally write a step by step and clear guide. I hacked my a long time ago, but I wanted another so I could let a friend play but I realized I forgot how to hack it.

Good job with the guide, man. Before you readers impulsively go out and buy a PSP to hack it, stop Good luck. Check the extended PDF guide. I have psp v. I've just bought my new psp 4. I can. What should I do? Are there any available software I can use? I have a phat psp or psp and mistakingly just updated it to official firmware 5. Can u please tell me how to downgrade my psp to a custom firmware that would be able to run games from mininova.

Also I've downloaded a game from mininova titled: CL can u please give me a step by step guide to put it on my psp when i get a custom firmware. Also can u tell me what custom firmware would this game work the best on. I posess Official Firmware 5.

Can I so-called "soft hack" DAX's 5. If you have any information at all, it would be greatly appriciated. Also, as a final note, just in case I must pandora my only battery, it is a 3. If it cannot be pandora'd, then please notify me. I have bookmarked this page for future reference. Can i upgrade version 4.

I have psp fat and accidentally updated it to version 5. Your answers should be answered in the updated guide. Hi, I've a PSP. I've upgraded it with official firmware 5. I would like to downgrade the version. Do you know it if possible? Thank for your guide cause i anly abeginner about psp upgrade Can anyone help me with the updating process?

Download and use this one instead renaming it Simon, I have one prob, I ubdated my psp to 3. Were you trying to start a umd or an iso? If the latter one, make sure there also is a umd inserted. If the first one, try updating to the latest custom firmware. Thanks a ton for this. It worked like a charm on my PSP I was on the edge of my seat for an hour hoping I didn't brick it. Can any one tell me: What is popsloader? How to play ps games on psp like resident evil 1, The games are in.

You can find more info about it here.

Noob Guide to downgrading 6.31/6.35 to 6.20 and 6.20 to 5.03

I upgraded my psp to version 5. Follow this guide. Only thing is, you can't use it.


Sony took Datel to court after the latter anounced their 'little blue tool' - a service battery that's claimed to work even for the non-crackable PSPs. Read more here. PSP silver is there some method to custom firmware udgrade at this moment because I read about PSP but Im not sure is that include the too or means series. Nope, you're past 2. Either update, and use one of the later techniques, or downgrade with a pandora battery. Hi Simon, thanks for the grea guide. Can i Pandorised it?

Let's try installing 3. You can download the files here alternative link here. Installing it is the same as with M File PBP couldn't be opened and this is where i'm stuck what am i doing wrong?

PBP, every things working now thanks for a fantastic guide: Why firmware 3. Besides that, According to your guide, we rename 3. PBP, in spite of we have downloaded 3.

Would you please explain to me what's the right firmware, 3. How to downgrade or even shift over to a cfw from ofw 5. I forgot about the hacking scene when I sold my last psp back in