BMW INPA Software is factory BMW diagnostics software that connects to all the systems and modules on BMW cars not just engine like. BMW INPA Ediabas download, inpa download, inpa download here and install it on Windows XP/ Vista or Windows 7/ 8/ Several versions of BMW INPA diagnostic software are available on the aftermarket. Here obdiicom share INPA , and free.

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GRP C: Screw in the 4 philip head screws in their respected holes. Go to the Error Memory: If the error pops up when try to program: See pic bellow for the ideal settings. So change it to look like this…. Just copy the software to your PC from CD 5.

BMW INPA Download software is the Ediabas K+DCAN diagnostic tool.V BMW Inpa Download software all function actived so no need to. This useful full package is really worth sharing: BMW INPA + EDIABAS + NCS Expert + WinKFP + BMW Coding Tool. It's a full BMW INPA software for F and E series models. Wish this helps. Free download. BMW Standard Tools and INPA

Read the following to get it.


One way is to build a cable yourself. Cost for this would probably range anywhere between 10 to 20 bucks. Its actually very simple that any average person can do that has access to a drill and a soldering gun.

Tools needed.. Soldering gun 4. Some type of glue gun or glue adhesive 5.

BMW INPA 6.4.3 & 5.0.6 & 5.0.2 Free Download

Locate pin 8 which will have a number on the side of the board. One side will have the digit 1 and the other digit 8. Once you locate pin 8, thats the pin we will be using as well as the next one over.


At the end there will be one prong end not used…Neatly place the wires snug so that the D-can cover can be closed without anything preventing it to make a closed seal and your done. Screw in the 4 philip head screws in their respected holes. Note which postion is on and which is off by some type of label on the outside of the cover…SImple!

BMW INPA 6.4.7 6.4.3 Software Free Download

Note on my first pic, I have a switch with 3 prongs, but I snipped off the 3rd one just to make it easier to solder…. So we need to change this in the obd.

But first lets make some changes to the cable. Now in the property window click on the advanced tab.

Full download BMW INPA EDIABAS NCS Expert WinKFP BMW Coding Tool | EOBDTOOL Blog

Now every driver is different but the important part is the settings such as latency timer and received and transmit bytes. See pic bellow for the ideal settings.

You may also change the COM port number here as well for tutorial I left it at 5. Once your changes are done we can proceed by clicking OK to accept the changes. No close all windows to return to the desktop.


Navigate to C: So change it to look like this…. Now to test if your cable installed correctly.

You should look like this…. Download and install SPDaten files of your choice always recommend the latest in this case it is Overwrite everything it asks about. After copying the daten files to c: If this install has assisted you in achieving a working set up, please click the appreciate link, thanks!