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Blood pressure of is the new 'high,' according to update of guidelines. Sometimes it's necessary to install on a computer programs that may be dangerous for the system, because they may contain viruses or because they modify the computer's configuration. Friends everywhere Kotaku is hardly the only outlet facing suspicions of cronyism. To change that status or the password you'll have to double-click on the icon at the same time that you hold down the SHIFT button. Rock, Paper, Shotgun , Director.

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In , according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Maltreatment reported at Virginia facility. Grayson also covered GaymerX without disclosing his friendship with Toni Rocca — another conflict of interest he shares with Hernandez.


Grayson plugged him six times in three months, with the bulk of the coverage for Soundself coming from Kotaku. Arnott also ties back to Quinn — with whom he had an affair with at roughly the same time as Grayson had his.

Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo has talked about some of the cases exposed here.

He first addressed the Grayson-Quinn conflict of interest, and stated it was not a breach of ethics, since it was not a review and, according to Grayson, their affair happened a few days after it. He handwaved the fact that Grayson and Quinn are proven to be acquainted since long before this article, including a trip to Las Vegas together. Totilo stated that asking for an apology would be excessive —just an act to shame the writer. He has not come back on the other cronyism issues listed here, which had not yet been discovered at the time of his responses.

I have no pretense of being unbiased […] I'm absolutely proud of advancing amazing creators and conversations that I think matter to games — yeah, I have an agenda, sorry. My ethics policy is this: That's it. Kotaku is hardly the only outlet facing suspicions of cronyism.


Much like Grayson, press heroine Zoe Quinn was also involved in many conflicts of interest aside from her most publicized one. One among them is Jenn Frank , who wrote an article defending Quinn as a victim right after the scandal, without disclosing she was financially supporting both Quinn and her agent Maya Kramer on Patreon.

Following the ensuing backlash she stated she, like Quinn, was under attack , and that her financial support consisted of just fifteen dollars — conveniently forgetting she had also paid Quinn's hotel at the GDC festival , to the tune of about dollars.

Destructoid 's Jonathan Holmes did not have financial but rather a personal relationship with Quinn while he covered her in three occasions. However, following the Kickstarter campaign for his webseries Sup, Holmes?

Soon after this was brought to light, Polygon updated its ethics policy and disclosure was added to the article — although Kuchera never added disclosure to his article about Sportfriends , which he also supported financially.

Sportfriends was created by Die Gute Fabrik, which was also a subject of a conflict of interest with journalist and Indie Game Festival director Brandon Boyer. Following an accusation of conflict of interest made towards Boyer in an interview with blacklisted journalist Alistair Pinsof , a group of anonymous diggers checked a top 20 list by Boyer and discovered five more conflicts of interest just from that article — among those Die Gute Fabrik's Douglas Wilson , shared with Kuchera, and also Nina Freeman , shared with Grayson.

Grayson also gave coverage to an event organized by Boyer himself without disclosing their financial ties. No game journalist embodies cronyism like the controversial former editor-at-large of Gamasutra Leigh Alexander , who shares several conflicts of interest with her friend Hernandez and other journalists, including Love, Anthropy, Arnott, Naomi Clark on possibly friendly terms with Kotaku's Evan Narcisse and, a fifth time, Quinn.

Alexander is one of the most polarizing people in game journalism, peppering her Twitter feed with controversial content through her career—including outright threats and even doxing. For example, the game Sunset , made by Agency customer Tale of Tales , directly mentions Alexander in its credits and was positively covered two times by — again — Alexander's friend Patricia Hernandez, as well as by Simon Parkin , a contributor to Eurogamer and the Guardian and a very good friend of both Alexander and Agency co-owner Ste Currant.

Covering Sunset favorably we also find Javy Gwaltney , who was being supported on Patreon by Alexander. Despite Alexander's involvement and a warm critical reception, Sunset was a massive commercial failure , moving barely copies and prompting Tale of Tales to close shop , stating the PR company they hired cost a lot of money but didn't help sales one bit.

Story-centric first person adventure Gone Home spurred many debates when it came out in , and its average scores show a huge gap between the very positive coverage received from journalists and much harsher criticism from players. Riendeau also produced extremely positive video coverage of Sunset, without mentioning a relationship with Alexander that deserved disclosure two times when discussing Alexander directly. Gone Home had received significant backlash for an overly positive press reception under suspicions of bias.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun , Director. Slow-selling Facebook-in-space simulator Redshirt received fairly polarized reviews, averaging at 62 on Metacritic despite some very positive coverage on certain websites.

Also giving positive coverage to Kokoris was Rock, Paper, Shotgun 's Alec Meer , who wrote about the game "Redshirt" without disclosing that they were on friendly enough terms with Kokoris to have hanged out together multiple times — including going to a concert together and Kokoris being invited to a barbecue organized by Meer. Riendeau and Hernandez also praised the game, although no solid connection has yet been discovered.