You can use themes listed below to modify WinRAR icons. Just download a theme archive and open it in WinRAR to install. Installed themes can be selected in. WinRAR beta 1 (x86) Change Log. Version If entered password does not match the master password, and not immediately after installing WinRAR. 3. One major feature that was included with the update beta trial was select Settings > Themes > Select Theme > Custom > Select Image > USB Storage Device. Do not download or install the update using data other than the official Do not download or install updates by methods other than those.

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All Downloads. How to Install Custom Firmware 6. The following things are needed to perform the update: Be careful when using an update file for reinstallation. Included is the "PSPingoo" theme from http:

Official Thread Schedule . Background, theme music, and maybe the menu sounds. .. and type in the imgur URL and download the picture to your PS4. the color to match the custom theme, but no, BLUE OR NOTHING. PTF themes can be used on official firmware (OFW), but offer very limited customization. for non-official psp owners with the new sony psp custom themes it .. psp ctf themes gen, firmware gen d3 psp download. Straight up official PKG of the theme and what you do with it is get both Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.

All users and all data will be deleted. If your PS4 system does not recognize the update file, check that the folder names and file name are correct. Enter the folder names and file name in single-byte characters using uppercase letters. Re-Install Upgrade.

Last updated: Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it. Need help? Get tech support here. Release Notes Related Drivers 6. What's New: This system software update improves system performance.

Custom wallpapers from USB One major feature that was included with the 5. Ensure this folder is at the top of the USB directory, i. Once your image is selected you can zoom and crop it, all while seeing in real time how it looks on the home screen.

You can also customise the thumbnail of group message threads with images taken from USB. This feature gives Family Managers and adult family members set as Guardians , the ability to control when and for how long each individual child can play for. Playtime can even be set to vary depending on the day of the week, for example, you could allow your child to play for two hours between pm during the week and then for 4 hours between 8am-8pm on the weekend.

This joins a long list of parental management features already available, including the ability to individually set what each child in your family on PlayStation Network PSN plays, watches and accesses online. What's more, you can also monitor and change these settings on the go from your PC or Smartphone via the PSN account web portal — giving parents greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Library improvements New tabs and filters are also being added to the Library, to make it easier to organise and find content.


There is now a dedicated PS Plus tab too showing all Monthly Free Games you have access to, along with the ability to hide certain apps under the "Purchased" tab — such as old trials or demos of games. Other new or revised features in version 5.

For Messages , screen layout has been improved, and the following features have been added.

You can now receive music that has been shared with you as a message. Select the message to play the music. Messages containing a URL now display a preview.

Also if anyone else has guides to share, just post them in any thread as a reply and mention me in your post then I'll move the post to a thread of its own and mainpage it like this one. Thanks to Panzah for the guide, and jwooh for the news and testing along with Broka!


Can we do it for official apps like media player? I tried it with Plex - and it did not work. Panzah Member.

Here are a few from seaboss Senior Member. I tried this with legacy theme and it didn't work still asks for PSN to use. Will test the one by Seaboss. You must log in or register to reply here.

The best free dynamic themes for PS4 | GamesRadar+

Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. People have been making cool The latest OFW from Sony is 6. Download OFW 6. Custom Theme Converter, free and safe download. Custom Theme Converter latest version: Create your own themes for your PSP. If you've had your PSP for a while and are starting to get a little tired of its built-in theme t PSP Hacks Added by: This thing takes XMB customization to a whole new level, and I'm sure as always other themers will learn a lot from it an incorporate it's innovations into their own themes.

This is for M33 3. I think anyone with a modded PSP owes it to themselves to check this theme out. Good Question! Oh, hay. Forgot to ask if you had Custom firmware on your PSP. I found one!


Bored of your old PSP themes? Compatiblewith 5. PS Vita Psp.


This is my first PSP theme. Its a normal theme not like the themes for custom firmware out there.


I got the PSP the other days and I haven't instal A theme dedicated to the PSP videogame Resistance: Icons by sakare Doki Doki Literature Club. A theme dedicated to the visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club! Created by NanKa. A theme dedicated to the videogame Life Is Strange:. It's a custom theme for PSP - firmware 3. Assassin's Creed related, of course. I'm in the beta phase, near the end, I just have to create sub-icons.

This is a beta version of the theme, I hope you all like it. Beta contains the wallpaper and category icons. Please, give me your feedback, and tell me. So i searched the net and found a compilation of cool PSP themes just for you. You can download it here.

If your gonna ask what firmware should you use for these theme to work, the answer is this'll work with original firmware as well as m33 firmwares custom firmwares. If you wanna know what to do to. My theme is so awesome that it came with my PSP and I never had to change it!!!. I do realize this is a 2 year old thread but I'm curious if there are free themes somewhere on the internet I can put on my PSP without using custom firmware?

Man, I just bought a like new PSP for 80 dollars, but I can't run any custom firmware or homebrew yet. Custom firmware was typically achieved through a bugged 1.

Later, this method was improved through Pandora and allowed the then new slim PSP to run custom firmware too. A breakthrough in "code-signing" lead to the development of a 6.

Aplicamos el tema desde. Since from the early days hackers working on the PSP discovered exploits in system software 1.


If you try to play a backup copy of a game, activate a non-sony theme, or install an emulator you will find you can't progress in some manner.. The common feature of all custom firmware available for the PSP is to relax the signing process for PSP applications, so that applications that developers that aren't. Do you think. And do not forget if you can't see the background animation then go to theme settings and use classic as your background except devil may cry themes.

On hacked and Custom Firmwares for the PSP, aspects of the XMB can be customized such as the icons, battery and volume meters, the text displayed under each menu item, the animated wave in the background, and the bitmap for each month can be changed.

Now it's time to install the CFW into. I guess themes are only supported on the pudgy PSP through custom firmware?????

I never really read up on whether or not PTFs are recognized on that thing or not. The only sort of visual customization I have going on that one is the wallpaper. We were informed by the devs that they have.

Original 2.