Download Skype for your computer, mobile, or tablet to stay in touch with family and friends from anywhere. Download Skype · Get a free trial for calling mobiles and landlines from Skype. Skype to Phone subscriptions let you call phone numbers around the world directly from Skype. Discover the right subscription for you with a free Skype blog. Here you can find and download a free version of Skype, including old The purpose of this blog is completely different — I just want to help others to stay in.

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I need it in. This is the first case, but I hope the last one. No version is given either for windows , mac or other. Main features of MP3 Skype Recorder: But be aware, you can easily be banned.

Download for free the Skype for Windows Vista bit or bit. not forget that this is an unofficial blog, and here you get help only from regular users of Skype. Skype keeps the world talking. Say “hello” with an instant message, voice or video call – all for free, no matter what device they use Skype on. Skype is available. We strongly recommend that you only download TeamSpeak from our website. This ensures that you will have the very latest, virus-free version of our product.

So what's the problem? Why can I not make or receive calls? I'm going crazy and I can't find any solutions, any leads on what to do. Please, please help me. Thanks for the versions, I'll need them if I want to solve this problem. Maybe uninstalling and rolling back to previous versions can help? I don't know if it'll solve this particular issue with the not-making-or-receiving-calls. I seriously don't know what to do. Skype still supports Windows XP, and first of all you should try to install the latest version for this OS: Skype 7.

If issue wasn't fixed please read this: Hello I m on win I get out of memory. Please to you have a little solution for me? Thank r.

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Are you sure that your issue is related to Skype? Can you copy-paste the error message? Can you please add 5. I am on Windows 7 bit I have searched the web and cant find a portable version of 6. Cannot find file. The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service Line: I was able to create a Portable 6. Thanks in advance. Hi JayJay! How did you create the portable version?

What kind of errors occur during authorization? Anyway, please note that version 6. Thus, you cannot log in using this version. To use Skype you should install 7. I used this application Link 1: Run the application from link 1 2: Enter the Skype version number of the.

That's how I built my portable You still have not described the problem: By the way, do you know that according to VirusTotal the Link 1 is malicious? If you open the version page, you will see which operating systems it supports. I often think u people are a bunch of stupid a Look at the page u tell me about.. No version is given either for windows , mac or other. But this is microsoft policy , " sign in , give your personal data , and if something happens , too bad for you!!! How many skype or microsoft account do i have , floting about , cause they are not recognized?

The security policy is so fucking secure that no one can recover an account. But then , the question remains: All i would like to do is close all these inaccessable accounts , but even that isnt possible. Its clear that your user respect is plain shit.

I would like people to respect others. You must however admit that these companies like skype , microsoft , google , facebook , etc , are the ones to disrespect the users!

If your question is out of the preanswered range , there is no way u can talk to a real person to try and solve it , so i think i am entitled to be angry and somewhat respectless! Do they respect me????????? And no, you do not have the right to insult any people but especially those who are trying to help you.

About helping users: First, how can I help you if you did not even ask for help?

Download Skype

Secondly, I got thousands sincere thanks for my articles and personal help. So your words have no basis. No one forced you to do this.


Moreover, what if he does not pay anything, but requires personally help without a trace of respect? Personally, when I contacted Google or Skype support, I always politely asked for help, clearly explained the situation and usually I got the answers and help that I needed.

Nevertheless, before that, I always try to find a solution myself, since in most cases it is already available on the official website. And the most important thing: Think what u want mr administrator!!

But from what i read , help success rate is low! Anyway you are not the one in cause here , unless u have some benefit out of it? Now for me using these products for free , yes like the millions of users u talk about and as you say they dont care about ; thats the reason for being aggressive and impolite! And they dont only neglect free users , but the ones that pay too.

Dont blame the users , any!!! Free users bring in great amounts thru add as u know , and i'm sure you dont work here for free. The fact that u contact google or skype directly shows what privileges u have , but normal users dont have these , or i would not be here! You blame me for using these sites , but as far as im concerned , the can quit: I blame them for not assuming their responsibility , and you for helping them.

To say such a thing, you must attach proof. Where is it? For example, I can prove that this is not so. Check the following articles: If so, switch to the Russian version of each article and see how many thanks there are.

In general account, are there more than comments for these five articles that confirmed that I helped? Do you want more statistics and useful stuff? Do you think more than 90 downloads for my app are nothing? Did you notice that I wrote more than articles and about comments? Do you still think that this blog is not useful? You are grossly mistaken by saying that they pay me. I ran this blog to test some webdev technologies related to my work, but I chose Skype out of enthusiasm to help users for free.

If you cannot understand or accept this, do not judge others by yourself. No, I did not say that they do not care about free users think about how they managed to win the trust of millions of users, if they do not care about them. Do you think I have privileges because I contacted directly the tech support? However, this is because I am able to use search and find answers on my own. I have some test accounts that I do not use for years, and I can log in without problems.

And yes i do understand the significance of these articles , i dont need you! And its not a matter if not knowing how to recover the account Mind you , what a great way of stealing personal data from users!!!!!! Sorry , i cant be bothered with your state of mind , i am right about the lack of direct help , and thats all.

Well, I wish you the best of luck in your search for suitable assistance. However , if there was a live help , i could prove times that those are my accounts. If you really need your account back, you should try to recover it. But you need to understand where you make mistakes and remember other details that will help you to recover account. Only thanks to this, a couple of years ago when my HDD went to rest I was able to recover all my accounts among them, very old accounts for different services.

Furthermore, after the account is hacked, the scammer get a lot of confidential information like contacts list, conversations, personal data which among other things, allows him to impersonate the true owner. To this, it is worth adding that after hacking the account, scammer will change email, password, secret questions and other info. Of course, after this it will be even harder or impossible to recover your account.


Do you understand what this means? If not, see this screenshot: And I beg you, please, stop being tedious. Oh sure! You, as always, in your repertoire: I tried to help you, but apparently, you are not able to overcome your anger that leads to absurd statements. Because of this, I have to interrupt the conversation. Anyway, I wish you all the best.

I apologize to the rest of the visitors, but I will not let you join this conversation and insult each other. He came to my blog, and I will do as I think is right. In the end, he was talking to me and not to you. Things that I do not understand?? It seems to me u dont understand , and u are contemptuous, too full of your own superiority!

And ofcourse u will not let visitors join the conversation , just in case they agree with me and prove me right! I note that u did not yet give us an active email address not auto answering for skype or microsoft! Bye , have fun flattering yourself. Yes, you do not understand too much things check your comments.

WAIT!! Before you download…

Therefore, I wrote another comment to pay your attention, but I promise, if you continue in your repertoire, I will not publish your comments any more.

Read carefully: I will not let others offend you this means that they do not agree with you. I already noted this in my previous comment, but especially for you I repeat again: Nevertheless, you accuse me that I did not provide an email, but the funniest thing is that before that you did not even ask anything about email.

I admire your patience. It may work, some time. Are you planning to fix this?

Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once

Btw, where did you get so much patience? Of course, I would like to supplement the full list of Skype versions, but unfortunately, I do not have much free time for this. Nevertheless, in my archive I have most installers for macOS, so if you need a specific version, please let me know. As for the patience, if I understand everything correctly by your votes, it is not so bad as it seems. This is the first case, but I hope the last one. So, to use Skype you need to upgrade your OS.

Do you have a version for iOS 11 prior to June ? I need it in. Thank you! I apologize for such a long reply. Unfortunately, I cannot help you, because by default iOS devices support.

I can be wrong, but the only way to install apps from unofficial sources is to download cracked. On the other hand, maybe I can help you if you tell me why you need the old version?

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