WebOS Doctor for HP Touchpad Download. Click Here to Download WebOS Doctor for HP Touchpad. Click Here to Go back to the Previous Page. Download GApps, Roms, Kernels, Themes, Firmware, and more. Free file hosting for all Android developers. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and saw some people request for WebOS Doctor after running into similar problem. Just few minutes ago, I too was.

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Skit is a new app manager to pull and inspect APKs on your phone May 1, Beautiful cards. All versions of webos DR are available here http: The install finished, the Touchpad rebooted. I found myself spending an evening searching, hitting dead links, downloading stuff linked in forum posts, finding different information depending on the age of the link, weird hacked versions of old software and things preserved by archive.

Originally Posted by Sumy Have you tried to rename them to jar and run. Maybe your browser or your antivirus renamed them to zip (didn't. 1 How to get webOS Doctor; 2 Serial Numbers; 3 Download links version ogloszenia-turystyka.info Here are all the webOS Doctor versions I managed to get so far. HSTNH-I29C: 5CL1XXXXXX: FBUTXXXX (HP TouchPad 10" 64GB Wifi.

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Telegram 5. MIUI WhatsCloud analyzes your WhatsApp chats to create word clouds and graphs May 2, Skit is a new app manager to pull and inspect APKs on your phone May 1, OnePlus 7 Pro forums are now open April 25, Thanks Meter: Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. While downloading WebOS Doctor 3. Join Date: Dec My Devices: Junior Member. May Senior Member. Apr Now what? I am not sure how, but it dawned on me that the Touchpad's drive was formatted and partitioned in a way completely unfamiliar to Webos and the Doctor.

I think forum threads about Webos doctor stopping at a certain percentage lead on to saying it could be a drive thing.

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Perhaps there was a way to reformat the drive? Perhaps that would help? Since my Android-running tablet essentially equated to a bricked device as far as tools were concerned, my options were limited. Still, even here a giant had provided a shoulder of a forum post for me to stand on.

Back into the terminal I went, using Novacom and step by step copying and pasting of one command at a time to reformat and repartition the drive in just the right way.

It worked! The install finished, the Touchpad rebooted. Webos launched in all its glory … and we hit the final roadblock. Webos is new enough that online services were assumed to be there.


Part of the initial setup was phoning up to HP's servers to fetch the license agreement and probably send some stats back home. That worked … not much at all these days.

Worse, there was no skip button even after the requests most thoroughly timed out. For a while, I wondered if this would be the final, unpassable cliff face of a problem. For a while, I found nothing promising. But then, I found talk of something called devicetool. Another Java program, no less.

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It would require digging into the right version of Webos doctor to extract some kind of image file correct for my device and OS version, transplanting that into devicetool and then running it with the Touchpad in recovery mode.

That would make it skip initial setup and boot right into normal use mode. Even better, I was spared that file surgery step. Someone had created a version of devicetool with the needed file files? The full instructions still mention a lot of file copying, but I do not recall needing to do that. It was, however, late at night on a work day, so please correct me if I remember incorrectly.


Home Archive About Mail me bjoreman. Restoring a Touchpad to original state The world of old hardware software is full of shadows. For the impatient, I give you: The steps, final version Get Webos doctor Run Webos doctor, get terminal software Novacom and Novaterm installed and running Use terminal software to reformat drive and set up partitions Run Webos doctor again - factory restoring the OS Run devicetool direct download - altering the setup to bypass online validation and some apps?

Full instructions For those up for more words, the details: The good doctor Back in the day, the restore would have been simple.